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Carolyn Parker

Executive Recruiter

239-690-7006 ext. 690
California - Northern

Restaurant Division

California - Northern

Carolyn Parker brings extensive HR and recruiting experience working in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Carolyn started her career working for Omni Hotels in San Diego, California, and then worked for Doubletree Hotels, Pacific Coast Restaurants, Grand Heritage Hotels, and Capers Café & Catering Co. She is familiar with the west coast living in Southern California, Northern California to the Pacific Northwest where she makes her home in Vancouver, Washington.

Carolyn studied at San Diego State University. She took a break in the middle of her career to raise her children. During that time she did volunteer work and sat on the sidelines at many of her children’s sports activities.
Carolyn has a passion for food and people and strives to find the right candidates for her clients who 'shine' to serve customers. Call or email Carolyn today for help in finding your 'shining' candidate or ideal job.