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Charlie Zimmer

Executive Recruiter


Hospitality Division


Charlie Zimmer joins Gecko Hospitality with 40 years of experience managing high-end private clubs in residential communities. His experience primarily includes member and corporate-owned clubs, dedicating most of his time to private clubs struggling in need of strategic planning and culture. Charlie is skilled at building strong teams while creating a culture that positions the club for long-term success.

Charlie’s knowledge and skills pertaining to the hospitality industry are second to none. His decades of experience are evident in his interactions and ability to connect with people and build long lasting relationships.

His experience in private clubs assures Gecko Hospitality Club Clients that they will be represented by someone who understands the expectations of Club Owners, Club Boards, and Professional Managers.

Charlie grew up in Middletown, NY. He is a golfer, plays tennis, and loves to hike. Cooking is a passion, which he enjoys with his wife, Patti, a flight attendant with United Airlines.