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Gabrielle Lorenzo-Beaudet

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division


I have always loved connecting with people from all over and from all backgrounds. Culture has been a huge part of my growth and curiosity, so it was a natural yes when I switched professions from a veterinary technician to working for an amazing reputable restaurant that is know all over. From my first restaurant position being a lunch server, working my way up and learning the bartender role, server assistant, to restaurant manager. my passion for Hawaii and the restaurant and hospitality industry has allowed me to meet people and further my education and knowledge. Being a manager at one of the best fine dining restaurants that showcase Hawaiiʻs regional cuisine has been a huge part of my growth, where my children grew up and became apart this family atmosphere in our beautiful quaint, chilly town of Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Growing up in Hawaii is a dream, just a little different than showcased on television. With many opportunities for inspiration from our beautiful state, it becomes more important to look for meaning, importance, significance and inclusion of appropriate culture involvement in all that we do.  I most enjoy connecting with people, helping others, listening, and finding the way that I can improve someoneʻs current situation. Leaving our land and community a better place than I found it. Working with a team is something to be grateful for. “ʻAʻohe hana nui ke alu ʻia” (No task is too big when done together by all) I truly believe that working together the reward is greater.