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Georgia Westwood, CPC

Franchise Partner

646-924-2690 ext.102

Restaurant Division

New Jersey
New Jersey - Metro
New York - Long Island
New York - Metro
New York - Midtown
Rhode Island

Georgia Westwood recognizes the importance of "doing what you love and loving what you do;" she thrives on being a part of others achievements. This, coupled with an extensive Restaurant Director background, gives her an edge in this competitive recruiting world! Georgia's career in hospitality started in 1998 with Metromedia Restaurant Group, where she developed and spent ten years. In August 2008, Georgia joined Havana Central as Director of Training and Development and was instrumental to their growth.

In 2013, Georgia joined Gecko Hospitality New York. She is a native New York girl and looks forward to continuing to work and build the New York market.

“I loved my jobs, and if I can give someone else the same experience of waking up every day happy to get to work, then I’ve done my job… and it’s a fabulous day!”