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James Maloney

Executive Recruiter


Hospitality Division

Texas - South

As a twenty-six year veteran of the hospitality industry, James has served in tenured executive leadership roles for multiple full service hotels & conventions centers, in several Texas metropolitan cities, and he has assisted on task-force assignments for countless hotels and resorts across the country during his tenured career. 

James attributes his success, not to the accreditations, certifications and designations he has achieved over the years, but rather to the passion he has for people, and the positive influence he has on others’ growth and success.  James is a firm believer that he is only as successful as the teams he works with.  James operates under the premise that if you are organized, fair, consistent and kind to people, you will develop honest relationships that lend to a greater success for individuals and their organizations. 

In James’ time away from the office, he loves to be outdoors, he loves nature, and he cherishes any time he is able to spend with his four grown children.