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Jaymie Umehira

Executive Recruiter

Hospitality Division


Jaymie has a loyalty for people, and she absolutely loves seeing people happy! Her hospitality journey started straight out of college. Born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii it has always been a passion of hers. The Aloha Spirit is like no other. Jaymie began as a Front Desk Agent and worked my way to being a Front Office Manager. She has worked a number of positions in this industry, and it spans over 11 years. Jamie believes that building strong relationships and connecting people all over the world has been so rewarding. 

Most Recently she was introduced to Recruiting and couldn’t be happier. It is amazing to connect with candidates and learn all about them. Jaymie has enjoyed every step of this journey and can’t wait to continue it.  

She lives on Oahu, Hawaii with her husband and 2 girls. Family is so important, and she also believe that comes with Hawaiian Culture. Jaymie enjoys riding her Peloton, going to the beach with her family and they love a good Disney Trip.