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John Erickson

Executive Recruiter

630-793-0019 ext. 102

Hospitality Division


John Erickson joins Gecko Hospitality as a talent recruiter offering 25-plus years in restaurant-hotel-resort operations with a solid foundation in all aspects of food and beverage service.  He genuinely desires to put forth a positive impact that leads clients to fulfill their hiring needs, as well as facilitating the next career move for job candidates.

With a college degree, a certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management, a passion for the service industry and a love of all things epicurean, John gained hands-on experience in various culinary roles, FOH F&B management, restaurant ownership and full-service restaurant operations.

John has a keen ability to authentically get to know people with a desire to know their stories and learn what brings them joy professionally and personally.

Spending quality time with his daughters and family is a top priority, whether that be entertaining them with home-cooked meals or outdoor excursions.  John’s passion and purpose is to serve others.