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Kenneth Allen

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division


Ken joins Gecko Hospitality as an Executive Recruiter for the Wisconsin team. After spending the majority of his career in the service industry, Ken learned that good leadership and communication is vital to run a successful operation. The most successful operations contain employees with a positive attitude. Their attitude reflects their leadership.

Ken’s knowledge of the service industry originates from his father, who continues his successful career in Hospitality. At an early age, Ken had an opportunity to learn what it takes to run a successful operation in a variety of different concepts. “Great Managers don’t manage people. Great Managers lead people and manage situations.” This quote from his father has helped Ken’s career by identifying qualities to seek when sourcing candidates.

Ken spent the last four years recruiting exclusively for a Restaurant Franchise of 38 locations based in southern Wisconsin. It was here that he discovered his passion for assisting others in achieving goals. In 2020 during the pandemic, Ken used the extra time to obtain a Real Estate License to provide an additional avenue to assist others.


“My fulfillment comes from helping others. I truly enjoy learning about the paths people have taken. My mission is to help them reach their destination.”