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Mark Stringer

Executive Recruiter


Hospitality Division

Texas - North

Mark Stringer understands hospitality completely because it's what he has done for the past 35-plus years. He started off as a server and worked his way up through the ranks from Assistant Manager, General Manager, Area Manager, Director of New Unit Operations, and Director of Operations.  He’s run single units that do $8 million as well as 15 units that did over $50 million in annual sales.  Mark has worked in many states, but most of his time has been in Texas. Mark has done top-notch work in every role. 

On many occasions, Mark has been recognized for his leadership and his results.  A few to mention were comp growth leader for his South Texas region and the lowest turnover in the DFW market. He leads a team to help support The Lena Pope Home as well as Habitat for Humanity - so you can see he likes to support his community as well.

Mark has been married to Annie for 33 years and has 3 awesome children and one fabulous daughter-in-law.    Mark is from the panhandle of Texas and attended Texas Tech, so he is as big a Red Raider fan as you will find and he is also a die-hard Cowboy fan - both for his entire life.