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Melanie Villa Silvestre

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division


Melanie graduated with degrees in Psychology and Hospitality Management. She has so much passion for the food industry as she owned a Filipino restaurant with her family in Cheney, WA. To introduce the restaurant and promote diversity, she took the lead in advertising, recruiting, and marketing. She organized and directed several nonprofit benefit concerts at the restaurant and partnered with different vendors throughout the city. She then worked at Hyatt Regency (near Disneyland!), and quickly learned to provide quick yet top notch service as the lead hostess of the Italian restaurant, where she met several people from different parts of the world. She enjoys helping others so much that her career transitioned to Human Services where she helped people with their professional development and self-sufficiency. Her “go-go-go” mentality gave her the opportunity in full cycle recruiting. Using her passion, education, and experience she was able to help job seekers obtain work and establish great relationships with employers. Melanie is known as being a “foodie” as she enjoys eating, cooking, and dining out to find new and interesting types of cuisines, especially with her husband. She also enjoys kickboxing, playing with her dog, or watching horror movies. She hopes to add world traveling to that list!