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Richard Teear

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

New York - Long Island
New York - Metro
New York - Midtown

Richard Teear joins Gecko Hospitality as a restaurant recruiter for the New York - Midtown division.

Starting in the kitchen, Richard's career advanced to being a leading General Manager and Executive Chef in his market. After 20 years in the fine dining arena, Richard transitioned to casual service and his love for training and building teams helped him successfully open over 40 full-service restaurants. Being hands on in all facets of the restaurant industry gives Richard the ability to connect with people and help them fulfill their potential.

Richard got into recruiting to give back to the industry that he loves. He is all about training and developing people to reach their career goals and recruiting has provided this path.

Richard, born and raised in NY, spends his free time with his wife, teenager and 2 dogs while giving back to his church community.