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Recruitment Challenges for Hospitality Industry: How to Overcome this Issue?

Recruitment in every industry faces recruitment challenges all across the globe. But, to be very precise, restaurants are one of those businesses that get influenced mostly.  

According to research “Think Again Campaign”, 82% of the hospitality industry finds it harder to recruit the best and most suitable talent than in any other industry. Whereas, 93% of people responded to difficult and very difficult options. Since it’s important to hire the right people for the job to get the work done effectively. Therefore, the hospitality industry needs to get connected with a professional recruitment team or firm to solve the concerns.  

What are The Recruitment Challenges in Restaurants? 

Restaurants are facing numerous HR challenges in day-to-day activities but the most influencing challenge for the growth of restaurants is the Recruitment challenges. A few of those challenges are: 

  • Finding the Right Fit for the Job 
  • Attracting Skillful Candidates 
  • Retaining the employees 

This article would particularly be about the solutions to the challenges of the hospitality industry.  


Why Does Hospitality Industry Face Recruitment Challenges? 

To overcome the challenges, you need to think of the root causes that create these problematic situations. There are multiple reasons why the Hospitality industry faces these issues such as; 

  • Low wages 
  • Stereotyped as a low-level job 
  • Fewer Chances of growth 
  • Linked as servitude 
  • More competition 

Most people, working in restaurants and hotels get jobs by word of mouth, not based on their skills. 

How to Overcome the Recruitment Challenges of Restaurants: 

As mentioned above the hospitality industry can solve the recruitment issue by hiring a recruitment firm. Here, you would think why do you need to spend an amount on recruitment firms?  

So, the answer is it would be an investment as the resources are considered an asset. If you don’t invest in skilful resources, you won’t grow as much as you can with a talented team.  

As we are aware of the current situation in the hospitality industry that got affected due to the Pandemic. Therefore, it’s a crucial time to survive and retain the brand image.  

The benefit of hiring a recruitment firm is not just finding resources rather it would be skilful resources that will help reduce the turnover rate. 

Benefits of Hiring a Recruitment Firm in the Hospitality Industry: 

First of all, you need to define some policies and procedures with the firm and finalize an agreement. Once you are done, you will give them a personnel requisition to fulfil the requirements. Hereafter, the firm will start its work to find the best fit for the job role. 

1) The firm is responsible for recruitment: 

It will post the job on its website and other social media accounts to get job applications. They will screen out the applicants and choose the right one. 

They can consider internal hiring as well for senior roles. It will help to promote resources and retain them. Once the employees find a career path, they improve their performance and stay committed. 

Recruitment firms will conduct initial interviews and if the candidates seem to be good, their interview will be scheduled with the restaurant manager or team. 

2) Required Checks: 

Another benefit of hiring a recruitment firm is that it will do all the necessary checks such as reference, financial background, and Criminal background checks. This is to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the job role and that he/she is not involved in any fraud.  

3) In Case of Turnover, the Firm will Find other resources:  

Once a candidate leaves the job within 3 months of the hiring, the recruitment firm will get new resources for the job role. 

4) Employer Branding will Improve: 

When the firm will advertise the job on its website and social media accounts, people will get to know about the business. In this way, the restaurant will improve its employer branding. 

5) Word of Mouth Hiring will Decrease: 

The firms have connections with the professional resources as you hire a recruitment firm, the unskilful hiring due to word of mouth would decrease and you will get the right fit only. 

Should Hospitality Industry have a Professional Recruitment Team? 

The HR department is the key department that every industry must have to manage its human resources effectively. Recruitment is a fundamental aspect of Human Resource management. Since hospitality industry faces 60-300% annual turnover which is 2 or 3 times of other industries.  

In such a situation, the hospitality industry needs a professional recruitment team that helps with the best recruitment strategies. Having an onsite recruitment team enables them to evaluate the culture, people, and norms of the restaurant or hotel. As a result, they hire the most suitable resource.  

There are other benefits of having a recruitment strategy; 

Internal Hiring:  

For senior roles, the recruitment team can assess the internal resources based on their experience and skills. Promotion seems to be attractive to employees which increases the retention rate.  

Referral Program:  

Effective referral programs motivate employees to refer an eligible candidate for the job role to get rewards in return for the referral. 

Improvise the Interview Process: 

Gauge your interview questions according to your cultural and industrial requirements. The outcome would be in favour of your goals and objectives. 


The hospitality industry is one of those industries that requires a large number of active resources. As per the UNWTO recommendations, a 3-star hotel should hire at least 8 people per 10 rooms. Therefore, employees should be hired with the intent to retain them for a longer duration.  

Hiring is not as challenging as retaining the resources is. Employee retention is linked to employee compensation, benefits, and recognition. However, the employee’s turnover rate would increase if an employee feels underpaid, less appreciated, and inferior. 

Recruitment firms can help hotels and restaurants cope with the recruitment challenges. They provide professional and most suitable resources for the job. Although it’s not necessary to hire a recruitment firm for hiring rather industries should focus on building their recruitment teams under the HR department. 




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