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Restaurant Recruters 101: Management Opportunities

Restaurant Recruiters help fill the gaping need for talent. Restaurants employ a large portion of the population. Most restaurant employees see their job as a ‘fill’ in, or something that pays the bills. However, there are no industries that offer as much opportunity for advancement as the hospitality industry.  

The hospitality industry doesn’t follow the norms of advancement that other industries do. Yes, a college degree will help, but experience, and ability to make money are more important qualities.  

Restaurant Manager Jobs

Few people realize that there are more six figure jobs in the restaurant industry than many other of the industries that promise wealth, but only offer the best jobs to the top 5%. In the hospitality industry someone with ambition can go from busboy to host, to manager to general manager.  

The good news is that job opportunities in the hospitality industry do not require a college degree. A large number of general managers worked their way up through the ladder.  

Recruiters and LinkedIn 

If you want a six-figure job then you need a LinkedIn account. Don’t make an account and then abandon it. You are losing one of the most powerful tools that your recruiter can use to land you a job.  

Post, and comment on others posts. The active LinkedIn accounts make it easier to discover ‘who you are’, and whether you are good for their job placement.  

Restaurant Management Recruiter 

If you are looking for a restaurant management job, or any management job in the hospitality industry, then here are some tips to promote yourself. 

  • Recruiters are looking for proactive, not reactive candidates. Don’t say that you take initiative, list the ways that you took initiative.  
  • Recruiters are looking for ‘financial data’ oriented managers. If you can’t tell the general manager how you decreased employee turnover, and more important, how much money that saved the restaurant, then you are not doing the main part of the job.  
  • General Managers need managers who are planners, can write reports, and can design proposals. This saves the general manager time and resources. The manager is the one on the floor, but too many managers cannot present problems and solutions in a way that the GM can present it to the board, the investors, or the owners.  
  • A Qualified Candidate understands purchasing, and scheduling, software management, etc.  
  • A Qualified Candidates also understands that leadership and management are different. One of the biggest drains on a restaurant’s human, time, and financial resources is employee turnover. Any manager who can reduce the turnover rate, and prevent staff needing to work overtime, will get a second look from any recruiter.  
  • Stay in a job for 2 years. Recruiters place candidates based on the guarantee that they will stay for 2 years. No recruiter will work with a candidate that job hops, has unexplained absences, or ‘needs time’. No matter how bad the job is, no matter how toxic the team is, stay at least 2 years if you want a recruiter to place you in a management position.  

LinkedIn shows that 80% of jobs don’t get posted online. These positions are filled internally through networking, or promotion of current employees. The hospitality industry relies on recruiters. And, most recruiters have active accounts on LinkedIn.  

Most important, write it out. “Failure to plan is a plan to fail.” Start today.  




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