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Resume Builders Can Give Managers an Edge

Not all resume builders are built the same. Choosing your  builder is as important as formatting a resume. Some  builders are built around AI software. Many HR professionals use this software to go through the candidates’ presentations looking for ‘points.’  If the resume doesn’t find these points then the resume is rejected    

Many of today’s businesses hire headhunters and recruitment firms to solicit qualified candidates. The hospitality, restaurant, and private club industries have been using recruiters and recruitment firms for several years.  

These hiring managers do not review resumes inhouse anymore. Many industries, like the hospitality industry, have relied on headhunters for more than two decades.  

higher up the management chain you are applying for, the less creative the resume should be. Managers hired to work within the management chain. A good manager works with the rest of the management team. But there is more. The manager’s job is to be able to turn the day-to-day tasks into financial documents. If the manager cannot explain their profit and loss margins, if they cannot analyze the data, then they are useless to the general manager or board.  

The resume needs to convey this using easily identifiable points.  

Recruiters and Headhunters are always on the lookout for management candidates who understand how things are done. A professionally written resume does more than follow a properly structured and formatted.  

Professional Resume Writers 

If you hire professional resume writer, your resume reflects the resume writer’s perceptions, intent, and their skew on how things should appear. Their tone comes through in the resume, not yours. What they think is important is in the resume, not what the hiring managers in your industry need.  

Free Resume Builder 

You can have a free builder, depending on which recruiting firm hosts it. If you use a builder from a recruiting firm, then you are building a resume that was created with one intent – to land a management job. 

 The  builder’s purpose is to fill yours with as many points as needed to present you as a qualified candidate. This is vital when hiring manages have less than 10 seconds looking at each resume. They are not careless. They are not overworked or tired. 

The truth is simpler. The hiring manager, the recruiter, or the headhunter knows exactly what ‘points’ they are looking for in a resume. When your resume includes those points your HR person can find them quickly and put your resume in the right pile.  

In the hospitality industry 80% of jobs are not posted, they are sent to recruitment firms. These recruitment firms organize resumes by points, and one thing that most resume builders never think of “How much money can you make for the business/restaurant/etc.” THAT, that is the #1 point the recruiter, or the hiring manager is looking for.  

Only Qualified Candidate’s Land Interviews 

Our resume builder will guide you as you build a resume doesn’t end up in the waste basket. Remember that a resume builder’s software is built around the following data: 

  • Thousands of job postings are gathered daily in the hospitality industry 
  • Recruiters know what LinkedIn profiles get hired. 
  • Resume builders algorithms determine what factors are on resumes that result in invites to job interviews, and what points do not result in job invites.   
  • These resumes are used by the recruiters to place candidates with their clients.  




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