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Becoming a Successful Hospitality Manager: What You Need to Know

If you’re considering a career as a hospitality manager, it’s important to realize that the role is more complex than just running day-to-day operations. To truly succeed and earn a high salary, you need to adopt a wider view of the job. You need to think like an owner or investor, focusing on financial planning, hiring processes, personnel management, and even graphic design.

Financial Planning

As with most managerial roles, the success of a hospitality manager is measured by the bottom line. If you can handle money well, you’ll be rewarded with a higher salary. It’s important to take financial management seriously and not assume that profit and loss is someone else’s job. You are responsible for running your department in a productive and cost-effective manner.

Hiring Process

To excel in the hiring process, you need to show how you have made a difference in your current role and demonstrate your skill in project management, cost-cutting, and staff management. When applying for a job, remember that a simple list of daily tasks won’t impress an employer. Instead, focus on accomplishments that have made a real difference to the bottom line.

Personnel Management

In addition to being a good financial planner, you need to be a good motivator and coach. You must be able to pitch your ideas to everyone from the investors to the kitchen staff. A viable life-coaching skillset, preferably from a certifying association, is becoming increasingly important to employers. Make sure you can demonstrate your proficiency in coaching and motivational skills through your communication, writing, and body language.

Graphic Art

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of graphic design. Reports that effectively use graphics are far more likely to get noticed and remembered. For smaller restaurants, management staff often handle advertising. If you have a background in marketing and can create impactful advertisements, this is a valuable skill. Even if you don’t specialize in graphic design, make sure you’re familiar with basic tools to create strong visual messages that will effectively communicate your ideas.

Becoming a successful hospitality manager takes more than just a willingness to do the work. To stand out to employers and earn a top salary, you need to adopt a wider perspective that incorporates financial planning, hiring processes, personnel management, and visual communication. By developing your skills in all these areas, you’ll put yourself on the path to a lucrative, fulfilling career in hospitality management.


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