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Ace Your Hospitality Management Interview with These Insider Tips

The first step in the job-hunting process is to impress the interviewer. Unfortunately, many restaurant management candidates don’t know how to do this. Instead of focusing on information written for job hunters online, it’s essential to learn what is taught to Human Resources Personnel, the interviewers.

Understanding how interviewers approach the interview process allows you to view the job interview using the same metrics as the interviewer. By doing this, you can approach the interview process differently and improve your chances of landing the job.

Interviewers value small, steady gains over major successes because they come with less risk. It’s crucial to keep this in mind during the interview process. Although we instinctively look for the most impressive achievement, we should take a moment to think it through. For example, how did you save the company money, and what small gains did you achieve? Doing your homework before the interview can help you highlight these gains and impress the interviewer.

During the interview, mention people by their first names and avoid being vague, especially if you claim to be a team player. Being inconsistent during the interview may lead to your resume being placed in the “I will think about it!” pile.

Employers prefer candidates who can take risks and implement strategies to increase revenue. Highlighting courses you took and books you read on your resume shows your commitment to self-improvement.

Neglecting self-care can lead to burnout, depression, and poor performance. Managers who cannot handle their own stress cannot handle their team’s stress. Filtering down through an entire team can result in poor team performance. Although it’s not advisable to discuss your self-care routine too much, adding this aspect to your website or LinkedIn account can help you stand out from the competition.

Building a job-hunting team can help you develop a strong job-hunting brand and playbook. While the hospitality industry relies on recruitment firms to find qualified management candidates, it takes a team effort to promote yourself effectively and land the job.


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