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Stand Out from the Crowd: Expert Tips for Marketing Yourself as a Restaurant Manager

This post is part of a series of career coaching articles by Gecko Hospitality, aimed at helping people transition into an exciting career as a restaurant manager. One of the challenges faced in North America is a long-term lack of qualified candidates. With demand for restaurant managers continuing to exceed the talent base, it’s important to avoid certain job-hunting mistakes.


One common problem faced by recruitment firms is an overload of people who want the job, but do not know how to market their abilities. In this article, Gecko Hospitality explores methods of promoting yourself so that Human Resources will value your resume and increase your chances of being hired.




LinkedIn is an essential tool for anyone who wants to be taken seriously for an upper management job. But it’s not enough to simply post your profile. This is a long-term marketing plan that needs to be started well in advance.


When looking at your LinkedIn profile, interviewers will check several things such as your contacts, articles and longevity. Make sure you choose your contacts carefully, selecting professionals and businesses with accomplishments in the same industry as yourself. Connecting with professors and employers who actively answer questions and contribute to the community is also beneficial.


Writing an article online expands your resume, which shows that you have an original thought and can share your knowledge. By doing so, you can show which topics are your strengths, and weaknesses, which is important when marketing yourself.


Longevity is also an important factor. Employers prefer to see a history of activity, showing that you have a committed attitude. Posting your successes regularly reveals your intent, showing that you are committed to your profession and to your long-term career aspirations.


Online Learning:


Another method of showing your commitment and capability to prospective employers is through online learning. Short courses on websites like Lynda or Udemy demonstrate that you take responsibility for your own education and development. This is particularly important for managers over 30, where five years out of school can make your skills outdated.


By enrolling in courses on these platforms, you can update your skills and solve your own problems. It also shows that you don’t expect your employer to pay for your education and that you are willing to invest in yourself. Remember, even basic lessons such as using office software can make or break a candidate.


Avoid these job hunting mistakes and improve your chances of getting hired. Keep an active LinkedIn profile, post quality articles and engage with successful professionals, and take online courses to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technology. With determination, persistence, and the right mindset, you can succeed in your career as a restaurant manager.




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