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Hospitality Career Opportunities in Florida

Would you like to be making more than $70 000 within 10 years of leaving university? You can if you live in Florida, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for the Hospitality Industry. They claim that the hospitality industry is a continuously growing sector.

We asked Recruiters at www.geckohospitality.com, whose head offices are in Florida for a few insights into the Florida job market.

A regional Chef can make over $110 000 within 10 years after leaving school.

A hotel manager only needs 7 years to earn more than $80 000

A Travel manager can make this salary with only 5 years of experience.

A Slots Operations Manager doesn’t need a formal education, just 5 years’ experience

Bar managers and Club Managers invest the most in their careers, but can earn almost $200 000 after earning a Hospitality management degree and 12 years of experience.

Casino Property General Managers can expect to make $200 000 a year.

Most jobs only require an Associate/Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management.

Few areas in North America offer the career opportunities that are available in Florida. The International Labour Organization, May 2012 states that there will be 9.6 million new jobs in North America by the year 2022, with 73 million new jobs worldwide.

These job opportunities will be mainly in the areas of hospitality executive, general manager, sales director, front desk manager, and bellman. The hospitality industry contributing 9% to the global GDP, equal to 6 trillion USD, which is expected to increase to $10 trillion USD, and equal a growth of 328 million jobs. (US Department of Commerce)

Of the top 25 tourist destinations in the USA, Florida holds several locations including Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens. With 77 million people visiting the USA each year, it is easy to see why Florida is one of the best places to build a successful hospitality career.


The new standard in the hospitality industry is sustainability. Hotels represent 5 billion feet of space, 5 million guest rooms and $4 Billion in energy use.

More important, the big hotel franchises are recruiting right off campus for entry level jobs. There are 5 internship offers on average, per student in the USA.

Orlando Florida is one of the top 5 cities in the United States for hospitality professionals to build their career. There are an estimated 247 000 jobs in the city of Orlando alone, with a cost of living estimated at $4 000.

Why Employees Are Important to Success

92% of customers trust recommendations and word-of-mouth. 70% look at online reviews. Only 47% of travelers’ value paid advertisement. 46% of travelers’ post hotel reviews. (Mashable.com)

This translates into opportunities for positive, motivated, professionals who want to excel in the hospitality industry. People post most reviews based on how clean their room was. They comment on the quality of the food and service. Price is not a factor unless they did not receive the expected experience, and it is the employees who create that experience.

Building a Hospitality Career

There are few places in the world where you can reach the top of your career in under 10 years. Fewer still where you can find the variety of job positions that are available in Florida. But there is a word of warning to potential candidates.

Trying to ‘go it your own’ on job boards and classifieds will land you the lowest paying jobs, with the most difficult working environments. Working with a recruiter does not cost the candidate. Clients pay the fee, even when hiring executive and general managers.

The best jobs go to the hospitality recruitment specialists. Their objective is to build their reputation by filling job postings with long-term employees. To do this they need the most attractive job postings, but they also need to help the candidates understand the hiring process.




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