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Crafting a Job-Winning Interview Strategy: Researching Your Potential Employer

Effective Ways to Research a Company Before Your Job Interview


If you want to impress your potential employer during the job interview, you must demonstrate your research and organizational skills by conducting a thorough investigation of the company. While some employers provide their management candidates with a portfolio of company information, it’s still best to do your own research. Below are some effective ways to study and collect data about the company:


Explore the Website


Start by thoroughly examining the company’s website. It will help you determine the company’s image, values, social environment, and overall perspective. Be sure to memorize the company’s mission and vision statements, as well as their products and target audience.


Go Social


While it’s common advice to look into a company’s social media presence, you must keep in mind that a junior employee, not the company itself, is often in charge of this aspect. However, social networks can still provide important information about the company’s target audience and product reviews. You can also look into what people are saying about the company, who likes and dislikes them, and what frustrates their customers.


Visit the Company


If possible, visit the company’s location to gain a better impression of their operations. Even if you can’t enter the establishment, observing from a distance while professionals interact can give you useful insights. It’s also best to take note of where they’re located and what type of building they occupy.


Attend Trade Shows and Network


Attending trade shows is a great way to learn about the latest trends, products, and services, and to see if your prospective employer is present in the industry. You can also assess what image the company presents to potential customers and clients.


Review Financial Reports


For large companies, it’s crucial to review their financial reports from the past five years. You can usually find financial information on Google, Google Scholar, news outlets, and LinkedIn, which is also an excellent way to identify the company’s key personnel. Don’t forget to search for hidden pages and sitemaps on their website. You might also find videos, podcasts, PDFs, and images that the company has used.


Search Engines


Using academic search engines, internet archives, and individual search engines can yield valuable information that you won’t find with a quick cursory search. Ask questions about the length of management’s tenure, recent changes in the company, ongoing projects, and any software that the company uses.


By taking the time to conduct thorough research on a company before your job interview, you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors. Demonstrating your knowledge and insights about the company shows that you are serious and well-prepared for the position.


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