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Why Hospitality Managers Need to Understand Management Theories

Resume Construction and Organizational Behavior


Most people simply list what has happened in their lives when constructing their resumes. However, hospitality managers need to go beyond that and show they have a strong understanding of organizational behavior. Hiring managers are looking for indications that the candidate understands Chaos and Complexity Theories. This is because they want to see if the candidate can use their knowledge to solve or prevent problems, and even predict potential problems and set up a plan of action to minimize damage to the company.


Chaos Theory in Organizational Behavior


Chaos theory is a scientific principle that describes the unpredictability of systems. The theory states that systems generate energy when in movement, but appear to lack predictability or direction. Nonetheless, the most chaotic system can be defined by a mathematical formula. Organizational behavior requires a manager to see how the company functions as a system and understand that a small event can impact the company, creating a chain reaction. Instead of identifying problems, the chaos theory suggests that managers look for patterns that affect people’s behavior and the business. A manager’s experience in chaos theory allows them to manipulate groups until they can work together effectively.


Complexity Theory – Self-Organization


Complexity theory suggests that there is an unseen order to complex systems. Nothing happens randomly. Each workplace is an ecosystem, a society, and a single entity. Instead of micromanaging the system, it is best to let it sort itself out. It will bring order to conflict. A company that can execute this self-organization module has experienced HR managers who make sure that everyone is enthusiastic, intelligent, and a team player. They also hire managers who can motivate employees and award collaboration.


How This Affects Hospitality Management Candidates


Understanding these systems is crucial for hospitality management candidates and affects every aspect of the job hunt, from writing and organizing resumes to interacting with job interviewers. It is vital that candidates research a company and learn what system they use before applying for a management position. 


Managing Change


Today’s company’s organizational systems change on an ever-rapid scale. If candidates’ resumes outline changes made in their last business, they should prepare to discuss organizational change, resistance to change, and management of change at the job interview. Chaos Theory in action can help manage change by allowing managers to identify key players, understand resistance to change, and design solutions to improve productivity while retaining the ‘human’ elements that are part of self-organization.


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