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Breaking the Income Barrier: How to Land Hospitality Management Jobs with a $75,000+ Salary

Hospitality management is one of the few industries in North America where you can earn over $75,000 without needing a Master’s or Doctorate degree. However, formal education may be required for some upper management positions. Many successful managers have worked their way up from entry-level positions. 


The Hospitality Industry has a plethora of opportunities at the top level. With a restaurant chain needing managers at every store, district, and region, a good understanding of how each stage of the process affects the business’s overall success is crucial. 


Where Do You Want to Work? Where Do You Need to Work?


Candidates need to consider where they will thrive, not just survive. If you want to work in upper management in a chain, you’ll require excellent organizational and financial skills. A smaller urban restaurant may require a good grasp of Complexity Theory management and commitment to ensuring the patrons have an exceptional dining experience. 


How To Get There


Candidates need to conduct a personal SWOT analysis and establish long-term goals before seeking the help of a recruiter to establish what their specific clients look for in an individual. A career coach can assist in developing the necessary skills such as leadership, management, and motivation for upper management positions. 


Resources and Strategies


From reading textbooks to attending business trade shows, candidates must make use of available resources to gain the necessary skillset for their desired positions. Auditing courses or seeking out volunteer opportunities are also viable options. 


The strategy used to achieve success in hospitality management must be well thought-out. Building a career development team comprised of a leadership coach, mentor, recruiter, life coach, and trusted friend can also cut down the time it takes to achieve career goals. 


Are You Ready?


Candidates must keep in touch with the recruiter and plan ahead by giving notice that they are entering the job search process again. Leaving it too late to plan could seriously impact wealth generation potential. 


The following tips will set candidates on the path to success in hospitality management; establishing long-term goals, developing a career development team, making use of available resources, and maintaining contact with recruiters.


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