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The Roadmap to Six-Figure Hospitality Management Jobs: Secrets for Success

Hospitality management is a rapidly growing industry with over 2.5% of the GNP. While there are more jobs in the $75,000+ income bracket than most people realize, the talent base is increasing, too. Hospitality companies are inundated with resumes from unqualified management candidates. This has led to a tighter relationship between recruiters and hospitality firms. Qualified management candidates find it challenging to break into the hospitality industry or move up the ladder.


Presenting Structured Job Seeking Programs


The problem is not in skill sets or resumes but in presentations. Management candidates often receive flippant advice instead of a solid structure in their job seeking programs. As a career coach, it amazes me how many hospitality candidates at the management level leave a $100,000 job to chance. Even being unemployed for one year can severely damage your chances of ever landing a lucrative job, not to mention the lost revenue.


Leveraging Information from Recruiting, HR, and Career Coach Blogs


Recruiting, HR, and career coach blogs are intended to help you succeed. However, it is crucial to be discerning while accessing the information. Avoid blogs that offer nothing new or valuable. When you find blogs with real-world information, read through and bookmark them to stay updated with new management techniques and buzzwords in the industry. A career coach who understands the hospitality industry’s needs can help candidates develop the skills and focus they need to achieve their goals. When seeking professional career help, look for someone who has a blog with current, relevant information that goes beyond-evergreen advice.


Improving Knowledge Capital


Knowledge is power, and successful people understand this. Candidates who have a deep understanding of their industry, its nuances and intricacies, and how things work will raise their profile and gain the attention of managers. There are thousands of qualified candidates in the USA and Canada who will never increase their pay because they don’t understand why they need to learn. Completing online courses is not as valuable as auditing courses (for free) from MIT or other reputed universities. Investing in yourself shows your passion and dedication, and companies look for candidates who share these qualities.


Attitude Matters


Attitude can make or break a job opportunity. Hiring managers look for traits like a willingness to learn, a passion for the work, and a commitment to the company. Candidates who expect the company to pay them to learn may not succeed in the industry, nor will those who lack energy and dedication for their role. Companies invest in hiring managers to make them successful and show a return on investment. Creating projects, executing them, and demonstrating their impact on profit margins, employee satisfaction, and other metrics can lead to success in management roles.


Selling Your Expertise


Successful hospitality managers show how their actions impact profits. Large companies view hiring managers as investments, and they value accomplishments. Companies expect managers to show how much value they can add to the company’s revenues and profits. Managers who can demonstrate their impact and justify their expenses through detailed reports are more likely to achieve success and advance in their roles. Remember to sanitize the reports and use them in your portfolio as proof of your achievements when you move on to your next opportunity.


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