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Director of Housekeeping – Is It The Right Job for You?

This is one of those career paths few people think about. No one wants a Director of Housekeeping job when they are 10 years old. No one thinks they will be a Director of Housekeeping, but it can be a lucrative job for someone who is organized, likes the service industry, and loves working with people.  The salary of a Housekeeping Director is typically $52 but can range from $20k(entry level) to $85+ (15 years experience0 before bonuses. (PayScale)

Qualifications of a Housekeeping Director

This job may not require a BA in Business. But if you are interested in a management job in housekeeping it always helps to have some business and human resources courses. All management jobs are bi-directional. You need to work with the people below, but you need to report to the General manager and other managers.

The better your reporting and organizational skills, the more effective you will be at marketing your skills. The good news is that many business courses are free online. If you type ‘audit business courses’ into Google Search then you can find universities and colleges which allow students to audit their courses online, free.

It always helps if you have ‘on the job experience.’ But there is more than being able to do the job. Watch what goes on day to day. Learn the purchasing routines at your current job. What is the hiring process? How does management handle employee conflicts, absences and motivation? How are customer complaints handled? How are they avoided?

How to Learn to Manage a Department

Once you take a look at the job from a manager’s point of view then it is time to learn how to do the job yourself. Volunteering to help your current manager is an excellent way to build skills. Becoming a manager isn’t about the ability to run a hotel’s housekeeping department. It is about being able to predict problems, avoid them, and handle problems as they happen. Experience cleaning will not help you move into management. Experience handling and solving problems is 50% of the job.

The other 50% is making sure that you document what happens, and keep track of the successes and achievements. You will need to keep track. If you cut down absent days by 8% (23 days) over a recording period then you need to make sure that the General Manger knows. If you cut down on the cost of cleaning supplies used then make sure that you calculate the numbers, do not leave them to someone else to audit your department.

The more you learn about managing the easier it will be to land a job, and improve your future chances of moving into a better job.

How to Apply For a Director of Housekeeping Job

Most management jobs are posted online, but if you want your resume to go to the top then you need to work with a hospitality recruiter, like Gecko Hospitality. Hospitality companies have been hiring management candidates through Gecko Hospitality for 17 years.

When you approach a recruitment firm don’t just have a resume. You need to tell them what you can do for the company. How can you do the Director of Housekeeping job better than the other applicants. What do you have to offer the hotel?  Don’t worry what it is that you have to offer. There is a hotel looking for your skillset. Maybe not the job that first interested you in a career in housekeeping. The recruiter may have a job you will enjoy more.

The hospitality industry offers opportunities for everyone. There are very few dead end jobs in the hospitality industry. You are only limited by your ambition. If you’d like to know if you are ready for a management or director of housekeeping job, and you would like advice on what your next step should be then contact a recruitment company. Gecko Hospitality is always willing to offer new talent advice and suggestions to help them land their next hospitality job.


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