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AI-Powered Hiring: The Benefits and Challenges for Hotels

Recruitment automation has been a common practice in the hotel business for years, with artificial intelligence (AI) used to track applications and expedite the hiring process. However, recruitment remains a challenging and time-consuming task for businesses. Recent advancements in AI offer more assistance to recruiters and result in better hires, but they also raise concerns about fairness and data security. Let’s explore the pros and cons of using AI in your hotel’s hiring process.


Pros of Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Hotel’s Hiring Process

Automated recruitment services have several benefits that appeal to hotels and hospitality recruiters:


  1. Finding Top Talent: Automation helps skilled recruiters identify qualified candidates and eliminate those who are not suitable for the job. This reduces hiring time and gives you a chance to secure the best candidates before they accept offers elsewhere.


  1. Access to Passive Candidates: Around 15% of employed individuals actively keep an eye out for better opportunities, while 80% are open to potential job offers. AI programs excel at tracking down passive candidates who may not actively search for jobs.


  1. Enhancing Gender Diversity: AI can help improve gender diversity by removing common hiring biases. It disregards unimportant details, such as education level or age, that hiring managers often focus on.


  1. Positive Candidate Experience: AI chatbots provide real-time feedback, enhancing the candidate experience. Studies show that timely updates during recruitment can lead to a positive opinion of a business.


  1. Comprehensive Candidate Assessment: Advanced recruiting automation services can assess knowledge, construct psychological profiles, and evaluate cultural fit. These systems analyze interview responses, social media posts, and internet data to help you select the right candidate.


Cons of Relying on AI Programs in Hotel Recruitment


Despite its positive contributions, AI often faces criticism. Here are some downsides to using AI for hiring new employees:


  1. Missing Human Qualities: AI may overlook important job qualities that only humans can identify, such as atypical work or volunteer experience. While well-designed, AI programs cannot replace human instinct.


  1. Biased Hiring: While AI can eliminate hiring biases, it can also inadvertently promote them. Human biases may transfer to the AI program during setup, posing compliance concerns and potential liability for hotels if protected groups are negatively affected.


  1. Data Security: Data security is a significant concern when using AI screening. Any system that collects and interacts with personal data poses a security risk. Breaches can damage a brand’s reputation and create liability issues.


  1. Candidate Concerns: Candidates are becoming increasingly wary of data risks. The more data collected and stored during the recruitment and hiring process, the more likely some applicants may decide against applying.


Making Artificial Intelligence Work for Your Hotel’s Recruitment


Despite the drawbacks, AI has the potential to revolutionize the hiring process as it continues to evolve and address its shortcomings. It’s important to remember that automation should be used as a tool to enhance recruitment, not as a replacement for human instinct or interaction. Here’s how you can make AI work for your hotel’s recruitment:


  1. Use AI as a Tool: Smart recruiters should utilize AI to improve their recruitment process while relying on their own expertise and judgment.


  1. Address Data Security Concerns: Take data security seriously by implementing measures to ensure the safety of personal information. Stay transparent with clients and stay up-to-date with laws and regulations.


Overall, recruitment automation through AI can be a valuable asset for hotels in streamlining their hiring process. By considering the pros, cons, and implementation strategies, hotels can make use of AI to attract the best talent while addressing concerns about fairness and data security.


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