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The Importance of Online Branding in the Hiring Process


When job seekers search for your company online, what do they find? Positive reviews? Insights into your culture? High ratings on social sites? It’s crucial to ensure that your online presence aligns with your company’s mission and goals, as studies show that job seekers are more likely to submit their resumes to employers with positive employee reviews and a strong online presence. If you want to improve your hiring process, attention to online branding is key.


Researching Employers

Three-quarters of job seekers research employers before applying for a position, and their decision to apply often depends on what they find. A strong, positive brand presence attracts top talent. Therefore, it is important to maintain your brand throughout the hiring process to secure and retain the best candidates.


Pay Attention to Job Seeker Review Sites

Being active on review sites is essential, as is posting accurate company information, responding to employee reviews, and listing salary estimates. Nearly half of Glassdoor members read company reviews before applying to jobs or speaking to recruiters, and 69 percent of job seekers won’t accept a job with a company that has a bad reputation. If your company has negative employee reviews, it’s essential to work on improving company culture and morale before posting new positions.


Be Authentic and Consistent

To improve your online branding, it is crucial to create an authentic brand voice and message across all platforms. Consistency is key. Whether it’s on social media, job sites, print or video ads, or internal and external communications, your message should be cohesive and genuine. Avoid being repetitive or boring, but ensure that you present a clear and consistent picture of your company.


Understand the Importance of Culture

When hiring, it is important to consider not only the job requirements but also your organization’s culture. Company culture plays a crucial role in organizational success, so it should not be ignored or left to evolve on its own. Nurture your company culture every day and with every decision. In return, you can expect more engaged applicants, improved employee performance, and higher retention rates.


Build Brand Advocacy

To improve your online branding and hiring process, leverage your current and former employees as brand advocates. Encourage them to share their experiences on social media and job review websites. Peer-to-peer recommendations are highly trusted, so having your employees advocate for your company can have a significant positive impact. However, it’s important to keep an eye on what is being said about your organization, as candidates do check your company’s social media accounts before applying.


Improving Your Online Branding

The perception of your brand and how well you communicate your company culture determines the quality of applicants you attract. If you want to bring in enthusiastic, qualified candidates, it is crucial to work on improving your online branding. Gecko can assist you in developing the tools you need to remain competitive when recruiting top hospitality talent. Contact our leading hospitality recruiters today!


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