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Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association Convention 2018

2018 Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association Convention

Gecko Hospitality

This year we are proud to announce our presence at the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association Convention. Gecko Hospitality has a long standing with many groups and associations across North America, and this adds one more!


One of our top recruiters, Michael Chamberlain-Torres, had the pleasure of representing Gecko Hospitality this year and has done a phenomenal job! Having the ability to network, learn best practices and engage in meaningful discussions on critical issues affecting our industry, has been positive for Gecko Hospitality in many ways. With over 35 vendors, Gecko Hospitality was able to showcase our recruiting services to the largest companies in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry.


A little about the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association…


Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA) is the leading business association for the foodservice and lodging industry in Oregon. A not-for-profit trade organization, ORLA represents 2,500 members, and advocates for over 9,900 foodservice locations and 2,200 lodging establishments in Oregon. The foodservice and lodging industry is responsible for 178,881 jobs bringing in over $10.8 billion in annual sales and generates over 54% of the annual tourism dollars spent in Oregon.

ORLA serves as the leading industry advocate, striving to protect, improve and promote Oregon Hospitality.

ORLA’s Education Foundation (ORLAEF) is an independent 501c3 foundation that supports educational opportunities and job training programs.


Being a part of ORLA is a big deal for Gecko Hospitality and we are proud to be a vendor at such an incredible association. Bigger and better for us means bigger and better for you! With more relationships built, we can help recruit more people into the job of their dreams. As we say, ‘Connecting people and changing lives, one career at a time!’


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