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Why Your Resume Hurts Your Job Hunting Prospects

There are dozens of articles online that help managers in their job hunting journey and writing a resume. Gecko Hospitality has entire sections on career development and career coaching to help their candidates and recruits build a more effective team. But more important, mangers need to cover several different sections of their resumes to prevent making a slip up which could cost them a job.Before you get the job, you need to successfully manage the job hunting quest.

Security Check for Job Hunting

If your security check holds any surprises then it might be a good idea to consider whether the information is necessary to reveal. If the HR department thinks there is something fishy, or if one of your references ‘lets something slip’ then you may lose a job that you would otherwise do well at.

No one can ask you personal information in a job interview. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure your recruiter, or recruitment firm know of any problems. The teamwork relationship built here is vital to your career success. Do not put this in your resume.

Financial Information

Have you ever gone bankrupt? Are there extenuating circumstances? There are levels of management which may require access to your financial records.

There are many who believe that your personal life is a reflection of your true, or core, beliefs and attitudes. This is why it is important to make sure you explain anything that might be revealed at a later point.

Unfortunately, this can happen in the third and fourth interview making the situation very awkward.  The main thing to focus on is how you turned your situation around after financial problems. Move forward, but don’t hide the past.

Are you divorced?

While this is very common, it is very difficult to explain how you are a people person, great at relationships, a good communicator, excellent coach, and divorced. This is one of those cases where you cannot be asked personal information in the job interview, but one of your references, social media, or another source may let your information slip.

When information is revealed after the job interview it may appear that you were hiding pertinent information. You never want to become personal and act like you are friends with the people at the job interview, but it is important to make sure that everyone knows you are not keeping secrets.

Physical Exams and Drug Tests

Most manager positions do not require these types of tests. Casinos, high end hotel jobs, and others may require these tests. The test may only be a hair test. This is not intrusive. It is important that you understand this test measures the chemicals in your body back 3 months.

Do not include any of the above information in your resume.

Aptitude Assessment and Personality Tests Effect on Job Hunting

If you have reached this level of your career then you are familiar with aptitude tests and personality tests. They are valuable hiring tools, but they can be skewed. The applicant’s emotional state, and even events in their lives can change the results.

The most that an aptitude assessment and personality test can measure is the applicant’s beliefs at that precise moment in time.  Next time you are working with a team ask them 10 questions. Then give them 1 – 2 weeks of motivational training. Ask the same questions and you will receive more positive results.

This makes it vital to understand where you stand emotionally and your wellbeing before taking these tests. It is almost impossible to prepare for these tests. But you can be aware. For example, a well-trained HR professional may make a few negative comments, or act a little standoffish before the test.

You need to be able to restore your balance so that you can provide the best possible answers. However, there is a warning not to purposely try to skew the results. Many of these tests are designed to help companies build effective teams.

When you skew the tests you end up in a job posting where you are not suited. This can result in you being let go after a short period. In management holding a posting for less than one year is worse than not winning the job at all.

Personality Test

If you have a personality test that doesn’t fit what most people accept as a manager then trying to face personality tests isn’t the best option. A better choice would be to ‘sell’ your strengths and explain how that can help in your new position.

Top 5 Skills Tests for Mangers to Add to a Resume

There are tests that you can prepare for. Your coaching and communication skills will be put to the test in a job interview, and in second and third meetings.  Practicing these skills can be done with the help of a career coach, or even members of a local business group.

  • Oral Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
  • Active Listening
  • Monitor Processes, Materials or Surroundings

None of these tests have a standardized test that you can use to practice. It is important to learn the skills well enough that you can identify what information the job interviewer is trying to identify and test.


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