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Avoiding Job Search Slip-Ups: Must-Know Resume Tips for Managers

There are numerous resources available online to help managers with their job-hunting journey and resume writing. Gecko Hospitality is a great example, offering career development and coaching sections to assist candidates in building effective teams. However, it is crucial for managers to cover certain sections of their resumes to prevent potential slip-ups that could cost them a job. In this article, we will delve into some key areas managers should focus on during their job search.


Security Check for Job Hunting:

– Consider whether any surprises in your security check are necessary to reveal.

– If the HR department suspects something fishy or if a reference lets something slip, it might impact your chances of landing a job.

– While personal information cannot be asked in a job interview, ensure your recruiter or recruitment firm is aware of any problems to maintain a strong teamwork relationship.

– Avoid including personal security issues in your resume.


Financial Information:

– Managers may need to provide access to their financial records, especially at higher levels of management.

– Your personal life can be reflective of your core beliefs and attitudes, so explain any extenuating circumstances that might be revealed later on during the interview process.

– Emphasize how you turned your situation around after financial problems, but do not hide the past.



– Divorce is a common occurrence, but it can be challenging to explain its impact on your interpersonal skills, communication abilities, and relationship building.

– Though personal information cannot be asked during the interview, there are chances of it being revealed by references, social media, or other sources.

– Assure everyone involved that you are not keeping any secrets to avoid appearing deceptive.


Physical Exams and Drug Tests:

– Most managerial positions do not require physical exams or drug tests, except for certain industries like casinos or high-end hotels.

– If these tests are required, understand that they are not intrusive and may include a hair test to measure chemicals in your body over the past three months.

– Do not mention any of these tests in your resume.


Aptitude Assessment and Personality Tests:

– As an experienced manager, you’re likely familiar with aptitude and personality tests.

– These tests can be valuable hiring tools, but they can also be influenced by an applicant’s emotional state and life events.

– Understand your emotional state and well-being before taking these tests and strive to restore your balance to provide the best possible answers.

– Avoid purposely skewing the results, as this could lead to being matched with an unsuitable job posting and subsequent termination.

– If a personality test doesn’t align with the typical expectations for a manager, focus on selling your strengths instead.


Top 5 Skills Tests for Managers to Showcase on a Resume:

– While some tests cannot be prepared for, certain skills can be honed and highlighted on your resume.

– Practice and improve your coaching and communication skills, both in job interviews and through participation in local business groups or with the help of a career coach.

– Consider adding these skills to your resume:

  – Oral Comprehension

  – Critical Thinking

  – Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates

  – Active Listening

  – Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings



When it comes to job hunting, managers must navigate potential pitfalls that could hinder their chances of landing a desirable position. By being mindful of security checks, financial information, personal circumstances, and the impact of tests, managers can present themselves as competent and reliable candidates. Additionally, highlighting crucial skills on their resumes can set managers apart from the competition and increase their chances of success.


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