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Beyond Dressing Up: The Struggles of Hospitality Interviews Explored

Hospitality Management Candidates Frustrated With Job Interviews interviews can be incredibly frustrating for candidates in the hospitality industry, particularly those in hospitality management. From dressing appropriately to showcasing relevant experience on a resume, there are numerous roadblocks that can hinder a candidate’s success. This article will explore some of the challenges faced by hospitality candidates and offer tips on how to overcome them.


The First Impression Challenge


When it comes to dressing for a job interview in the hospitality industry, candidates often face a dilemma. For example, housekeeping candidates are expected to dress to impress, but once they’re in a suit and tie, it can be difficult to envision them effectively managing a team of 20 maids, handling purchasing, and overseeing laundry. This can result in the loss of the initial advantage of making a positive first impression. Similarly, executive candidates may dress appropriately for the interview but may not fit into the company’s management style, resulting in a missed opportunity.


The Resume Predicament


One of the biggest challenges for hospitality candidates is effectively showcasing their skills and accomplishments on a resume. For instance, how can a candidate demonstrate their ability to reduce employee turnover if they don’t have access to specific numbers or data? And how can a restaurant manager express that their redesign significantly enhanced the patron experience and increased sales, all within the confines of a one-page resume? This limitation can make it challenging to convey the full impact of their contributions.


The Cost of Wrong Hires


As an HR professional, it’s clear why the resume-reviewing and interview process often leads to “wrong hires”. In smaller job markets, it’s not uncommon to come across a candidate who was overlooked but later found success at a competitor’s establishment. These missed opportunities can have a significant impact on a company’s growth and reputation. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof solution to this problem, and HR professionals must do their best despite these challenges.


Stacking the Odds in Your Favor


While the challenges inherent in the job interview process can be frustrating, there are ways to increase the likelihood of success:


  1. First Seven Words: Make sure to put thought and effort into your first impression, as it can significantly impact how you are perceived. Your choice of words, vernacular, cadence, and diction can all shape others’ perceptions of your education level, social status, and reliability.


  1. Diction and Cadence: It’s crucial to not only choose the right words but also deliver them in a manner that conveys confidence and professionalism. Record yourself speaking to identify any issues with pacing, enunciation, or pauses that could create a false impression.


  1. Facial Expression: Contrary to popular belief, a single glance to the left does not necessarily indicate dishonesty. However, it’s important to control facial expressions during an interview to avoid any misperceptions. Take the time to learn how to market yourself effectively and express your thoughts without inadvertently conveying the wrong message.


  1. Movements: Fidgeting or displaying uncertainty in your movements can greatly impact your perceived confidence level. Taking a modeling class can help you learn how to move with poise and grace, leading to a more confident and memorable presence in job interviews.


By addressing these challenges head-on and taking steps to improve your communication skills, expressions, and movements, you can empower yourself and handle job interviews with greater confidence and success. With practice and preparation, you can begin to embrace the interview process rather than dread it.


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