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Words To Never Say At A Job Interview – For Managers

There are certain words and clichés from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that can severely impact your chances of getting a job in today’s competitive market. These phrases can label you as an unqualified management candidate and may cause a manager to lose interest in hiring you. It’s important to be aware of these phrases and avoid using them during job interviews.


Meaningless Clichés


– Dedicated, Meaningless, Leverage, Work-a-holic, Perfectionist, Synergy, ‘Hit the ground running’, ‘full circle’. 

– These phrases are vague and do not offer any meaningful information. They often fail to answer the job interview questions effectively. It’s best to provide specific examples and concrete information instead of relying on these clichés.


One-word Answers


– It’s important to avoid giving one-word answers during job interviews. This indicates a lack of interest in the topic and closes the conversation.

– Instead of simply saying ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ try to provide more information and expand on your answers. This shows engagement and a willingness to contribute to the conversation.


Dismissive Words


– Using words like ‘whatever’, ‘okay’, or ‘sure’ can be dismissive and end the conversation abruptly. It’s important to avoid these words to maintain a positive and engaging conversation.

– Additionally, using words like ‘we’, ‘you’, or ‘my’ in a dismissive way can indicate authority and dismissiveness towards others. Avoid using these words to maintain a respectful tone.


Emotional Words


– Words like ‘toxic’, ‘hate’, ‘comfortable’, or ‘tolerate’ can evoke negative emotions in the interviewer. It’s best to avoid using these emotional words during job interviews to maintain a positive impression.

– Using emotional words may give the impression that you lack motivation or passion for the job. It’s important to focus on showcasing your enthusiasm and commitment instead.


Accusing Words


– Words like ‘should have’, ‘could have’, ‘you’, or ‘I don’t…’ can create conflict and may indicate a lack of coaching and communication skills. It’s important to avoid using these words and instead find alternative ways to direct actions and provide feedback.


Weak Words


– Words like ‘like’, ‘enjoy’, ‘okay’, or ‘simple’ can undermine your statements and leave room for doubt. It’s best to provide clear and confident statements without using these weak words.

– These words can often be followed by a ‘but’, which may introduce a contradictory statement. It’s important to avoid using these words to maintain a strong and confident presence during job interviews.


By avoiding these words and phrases in your everyday life, you can become more conscious of their impact and reduce the chances of using them during job interviews. Practice giving clear, specific, and meaningful answers to stand out as a qualified candidate.


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