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New Managerial Interview Pitfalls: 10 Mistakes to Recognize and Avoid



Continuing education is crucial in the hospitality industry, as it helps you stay updated with the latest management strategies, human development, and software. Don’t wait until you’re faced with the possibility of losing your job to cram in a few conference crash courses. Stay ahead by regularly investing in your professional development.


Keep Your CV or Resume Up to Date


Make it a habit to update your CV or resume on a yearly basis. Rushing to update it when you’re in a job search mode can make it appear disjointed and inconsistent. By continuously updating it, you create a flow that showcases your growth and development over time. Avoid using a resume service and take the time to craft it yourself.


Have an Opinion


During job interviews, embrace the opportunity to share your opinions and show how you handle questions and problems under stress. Avoid giving politically correct or ambiguous replies. Be authentic and share your genuine thoughts. This will demonstrate your ability to think critically and make decisions under pressure.


Extra Copies


Always have extra copies of any paperwork you submitted for the job interview. It’s not uncommon to find multiple people on the interview panel, and even though they may have copies of your resume, offering an extra copy shows your preparedness and professionalism.


Sitting Before Being Asked


Pay attention to subtle cues during the job interview process. Experienced interviewers may test your professionalism by engaging in casual conversation without explicitly asking you to sit. Wait until there is a pause or politely ask if you may sit before taking a seat. Be aware of your surroundings and considerate of others who may be standing or getting coffee.


Body Language


Master the art of confident body language. Walk confidently, sit without plopping into the chair, and get up without shifting or heaving your weight. Remaining physically poised and calm throughout the interview is essential. It requires practicing good posture and ensuring you are physically fit enough to make a positive impression during the entire duration of the interview.


Don’t Ignore the Gatekeepers


Your job interview begins the moment you step out of your car. Remember that you are being watched and evaluated from the very beginning. Treat everyone you encounter with respect and professionalism, as they may share their observations with the interview team. Avoid distractions like using your phone while waiting in the reception area, and be prepared to make a positive impression from the moment you arrive.


What is the Right Answer?


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to job interview questions. Tailor your responses based on the company’s priorities and the specific position you are applying for. Research the company’s current programs, safety codes, labor board laws, and insurance expectations to ensure your answers align with their goals. Be aware of different perspectives based on the interviewer’s role in the company hierarchy.


How Do You Handle Stress?


Be mindful of traps set to gauge your ability to handle stress. Instead of falling into the trap of disparaging past employers or colleagues, focus on demonstrating your stress management skills through your actions. Highlight any stress management courses you’ve taken or mention working with a life coach to show your proactive approach to handling stress.


Work with a Recruiter and Career Coach


Leverage the support of a recruiter to help you find the right job match in the hospitality industry. A career coach can assist you in answering behavioral questions that probe your background, teamwork, and leadership skills. Give specific and detailed answers that showcase your skills and education listed in your resume.




You’ve done the preparation, and you are a qualified management candidate. Trust in your abilities and showcase your best self during the interview. Remember to breathe and approach the interview with confidence, knowing that you are well-prepared and ready to impress.


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