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The STAR Approach to Problem-Solving in Restaurant Management Interviews

Restaurant Manager Job Interview: Perfecting Your Skills


Introduction: Getting Ready for the Interview


As a restaurant manager, preparing for a job interview is crucial. You need to anticipate the questions that will be asked, particularly those related to teamwork and leadership. Instead of focusing on your education or mentorships, the interviewer wants to hear about how you solved problems and whether your solution aligned with company policies, labor laws, and industry standards.


Using the STAR Approach


When answering questions about problem-solving, it’s important to use the STAR approach:


Specific Task: Clearly define the problem you encountered.

Approach/Action: Explain the steps you took to solve the problem.

Resolution/Results: Share the positive outcomes of your solution.


Mastering the Behavioral Interview


In a behavioral interview, employers are looking for specific skills and abilities in a candidate. They want to know what you have done in the past, rather than what you might do in the future. Pay attention to the use of passive voice in the grammar to identify these types of questions. 


Keep a Portfolio


To better prepare for job interviews, consider keeping a portfolio that highlights your achievements and successful problem-solving experiences. Over time, you may forget important details that could be beneficial during an interview.


Tips for Success


  1. Understand the Question: If you’re unsure about a question, ask for clarification or repeat it back to the interviewer to ensure you fully grasp their intent.
  2. Be Honest: Don’t try to twist your answers to fit what you think the interviewer wants to hear. Honesty is key to finding the right fit for both you and the company.
  3. Know Your Industry: Different industries have distinct hiring patterns. For example, the hospitality industry often relies on telephone interviews rather than traditional in-person ones.
  4. Seek Assistance: Consider working with recruitment firms that specialize in your industry, such as Geckohospitality, to stay up-to-date on current hiring trends.


Conclusion: Embrace the Opportunity


Approach your job interview with confidence and a clear understanding of the skills and abilities required for the restaurant manager position. By effectively answering behavioral interview questions and showcasing your problem-solving abilities, you’ll have a higher chance of securing the job you desire. Remember to stay informed about industry trends and seek assistance when needed to maximize your chances of success.


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