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The Art of the Tip: Strategies for Increasing Your Earnings in Hospitality

Top Tips for Increasing Tips in the Hospitality Industry


Tipping plays a crucial role in supplementing the income of hospitality industry workers. Whether you’re a hotel concierge, housekeeper, bellman, valet, or restaurant server, receiving tips is a significant part of your earning potential. These roles require a great deal of hard work, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. So, what sets apart the individuals who earn the best tips from the average Joe in the industry? Is there a foolproof formula for maximizing tip money, regardless of the position you hold? Read on to discover three essential tips for making more tips in your hospitality career.


  1. Create a Warm Welcoming Environment for Guests


Making guests feel welcome and comfortable is key to earning higher tips. Greet customers with a warm smile, engage in small talk, and introduce yourself by name. If you’re a server, attend to customers’ needs proactively by regularly refilling their glasses and checking in to see if they require anything else. Hotel personnel can also create a welcoming atmosphere by introducing themselves to guests, asking about their purpose for visiting, and offering assistance. By showing genuine interest and providing personalized service, you can leave a lasting impression and potentially increase your tip.


  1. Create Reciprocity


According to Psychology Today, customers who perceive that you’re going out of your way to provide them with something are more likely to tip generously. This is why housekeeping leaves a note and a mint on a freshly made bed. Similarly, servers who write a friendly note on the back of the check often receive higher tips. In a hotel setting, offering meal coupons, maps, and other items can make guests feel like they’re getting a good deal while being well taken care of during their stay. By providing thoughtful gestures and adding value to the customer’s experience, you increase the likelihood of receiving a higher tip.


  1. Provide Excellent Service


In today’s fast-paced world, providing excellent service is essential for hospitality workers. Going above and beyond to keep customers satisfied is the most critical aspect of our jobs. By pampering customers with exceptional service, you can often earn a generous tip. Creating a warm and welcoming environment, practicing reciprocity, and delivering attentive and respectful service are the building blocks of a successful hospitality career. Remember, the hospitality industry was founded on the principle of serving customers’ needs, wants, and priorities.




Earning more tips in the hospitality industry requires a combination of art and science. By following these top tips, you can increase your chances of receiving higher tips and enhance your overall career prospects. At Gecko Hospitality, we specialize in providing employment solutions for professionals in the hospitality field. If you’re seeking better opportunities, contact our hospitality recruiters for personalized assistance and access to top-notch employment options.


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