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6 Reasons it Might Be Time to Start Looking for a New Job

When unemployment stands at less than 4 percent, it’s time to consider all your options. That’s because employees have the power of options at their fingertips. There are simply too many jobs and not enough workers, which opens doors that may normally stay closed in a weaker economy.

For employees in the hospitality field, we’ve assembled a handful of reasons that it might be time to consider a new job – especially in a 4 percent unemployment environment.

#1 – You dread Monday morning.

If you start worrying and fretting about work 24 hours before you have to return to it, pay attention. While you may be hesitant to quit, because of job security, you also deserve to be happy in your work. Why? Because you spend one-third of your life at work.

70 percent of Americans are not satisfied with their career choices. Inc. Magazine asks an important question, “Couldn’t significantly improving attitudes toward work have a huge impact on the health and welfare of our society?”

#2 – You’ve stopped learning

Maybe at first the role was exciting as you learned the position and became adept at its requirements. But if the job has grown stale or if you feel you have outgrown the role, it may be time to consider a change. If you aren’t learning new things, or the job lacks growth in responsibilities, it is likely you will be unhappy. A new job could allow all these things, freshening up a career that has become stale.

#3 – Your boss makes you unhappy

The Harvard Business Review says that employees don’t leave a job; they leave their boss. It’s true that a bad boss can make the job uncomfortable; but how do you know it’s bad enough to leave. If you feel the relationship is abused, you’re being micromanaged or your blood pressure regularly spikes through the roof, it might be time to circulate your resume.

#4 – The company is failing

If layoffs are occurring frequently, or if there isn’t enough work to keep you busy, could the writing be on the wall for a job switch? If your job doesn’t feel secure, it’s a good reason to start the job search.

#5 – You’re not being recognized

Everyone appreciates recognition, and if you’re doing the work, it makes sense you would receive some. But if other employees are being promoted around you and you feel like you not only excel in the position, but also go above and beyond, a new job may be in order. Being overlooked can make you feel resentful; get out before the job suffers.

#6 – You feel like your job performance is lagging

All of the reasons we’ve been writing about can be the real cause of a job performance that is starting to fail. The problem is if you fail to perform adequately in a job, you run the risk of being terminated or at least damaging your reputation. If you find your heart just isn’t in the work anymore, it’s a sign to make the switch.

Find a Hospitality Job That’s Right For You

If you’re unhappy with your current position, contact our top hospitality recruiters today to discuss your options. You can also check out our available job opportunities.


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