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Tips for Negotiating an Executive Employment Agreement in the Hospitality Industry


Negotiating an executive employment agreement in the hospitality industry requires careful consideration and understanding of the company’s culture and goals. This article will provide valuable insights and tips for hospitality management professionals to navigate through the negotiation process successfully.


  1. Signing Bonus:

– A signing bonus compensates executives for lost vesting options, bonuses, and benefits due to job changes.

– Negotiate the signing bonus based on the value of the lost compensation.

– Ensure the agreement clearly states the terms and conditions of the signing bonus.


  1. Cause of Termination Clause:

– This clause protects both parties in case the employment relationship doesn’t work out.

– Ensure the agreement protects unvested compensations, such as bonuses from the previous year.

– Clearly define the circumstances under which the company can terminate the employment.


  1. Job Equity:

– Negotiate compensation beyond salary, such as bonuses, earned benefits, and profit percentages.

– Consider intangible benefits like professional growth opportunities and a supportive work environment.

– Find ways to decrease the company’s risk while increasing the executive’s pay.


  1. Corporate Culture:

– Assess the importance of your skills to the company’s success and culture fit.

– Understand whether the negotiation is about establishing a relationship or purely contractual terms.

– Adjust your negotiation strategy depending on the company’s culture.


  1. Is the Job a Right Fit?

– Consider your personal style, communication preferences, and business focus.

– Reflect on the company’s style and determine if it aligns with your expectations.

– If the negotiations do not align with your values or goals, it may not be the right career move.


  1. Understanding the Element of Time:

– Different cultures have distinct attitudes toward the negotiation process and time expectations.

– Americans emphasize efficiency and quick deals, while other cultures prioritize relationship-building.

– Understand the time constraints involved and negotiate accordingly.


  1. Measure the Emotionalism:

– Evaluate the level of emotional involvement in the negotiation process.

– Determine if the company’s culture aligns with your personal preference for a drama-free environment.


  1. Bottom Up or Top Down:

– Different negotiation styles can create conflicts during employment agreement negotiations.

– Understand the objectives and expectations of the company before making assumptions.

– Avoid damaging negotiations by comprehending the company’s perspective.



Negotiating an executive employment agreement in the hospitality industry requires careful consideration of several factors. By keeping in mind the company’s culture, your personal style, and the negotiation tactics employed, you can ensure a successful and satisfying agreement. Remember to stand your ground on important issues and assess the compatibility between your work ethics and the company culture.


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