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5 Tech Tools and Trends Transforming the Hospitality Industry

Introduction: The Impact of Technology on the Hospitality Field


In today’s digital age, technology has revolutionized every industry, and the hospitality field is no exception. Technology plays a crucial role in shaping the customer experience, particularly in the hotel world. From online check-ins to payment security, gadgets for guest rooms, and mobile engagement, technology has become a determining factor in how guests perceive hotels as either forward-thinking or outdated. This explains why Hospitality Tech reports that more than half of the world’s hotels are increasing their investments in technology upgrades this year.


  1. Going Mobile-First


In an era where digital continuity is essential, hotels are embracing mobile technology to provide guests with a seamless experience. Travelport Digital highlights the importance of mobile in engaging with travel brands through mobile apps, bots, voice, or messaging. Hotels have responded to this by offering mobile experiences that allow customers to conveniently book-in online. A hotel-branded mobile application that is responsive and intuitive has now become the industry standard.


  1. Capturing and Using Customer Data


Hotels can learn from Facebook’s strategy by leveraging customer data to personalize the guest experience. While privacy laws must be respected, utilizing data to tailor the guest experience should be a priority in every hotel’s digital strategy. This approach enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  1. Improving Guest Room Technology


With the increasing number of devices being used in hotel facilities, it is crucial to prioritize boosting bandwidth for faster internet speeds. Incorporating smart TVs that can sync with customer devices or offering access to popular streaming platforms like Hulu should be considered as minimum requirements. Smart devices for controlling temperature and lighting can also enhance the guest experience. Amazon’s launch of Alexa for Hospitality, a voice assistant designed specifically for guest rooms, opens the door for in-room personalized concierge assistance through digital tools.


  1. Energy Conservation


Efficient energy consumption is an ongoing challenge for hotels. By embracing smarter devices that control energy usage, hotels can significantly improve their energy efficiency and reduce overhead costs. Implementing technology to monitor and manage energy consumption will have long-term financial benefits.


  1. Robots


Although it may seem like a futuristic concept, robots are already making their way into the hospitality industry. Savioke, for example, is a robot capable of running errands or delivering items to hotel guests. These robots not only save staff time but also impress guests with their technological prowess. The added bonus is that robots do not require tip.


Conclusion: Technology and Top Talent in the Hospitality Industry


While these five tech tools and trends are transforming the hotel industry, it is important to remember that the need for top talent remains unchanged. Despite technological advancements, hotels still rely on talented professionals to serve guests and ensure their satisfaction throughout their stay. If your hotel is in need of qualified staff, reach out to our top hospitality recruiters who can help fill any gaps in your hotel teams.


In summary, the hospitality industry is at the forefront of digital technology innovation. By embracing technology trends such as going mobile-first, leveraging customer data, improving guest room technology, conserving energy, and incorporating robots, hotels can enhance the customer experience and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.


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