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8 of the Highest-Paying Jobs in the Hospitality Industry

Serving guests in the hospitality industry may not seem like a noble profession. But in fact, there is something that feels like a giveback in our efforts to serve customers by making their vacation or even just a meal a comfortable and relaxing experience. Beyond the good feeling that comes from serving people, though, there are some very high-paying roles in the hospitality industry that reward employees monetarily in addition to giving them the good feeling of helping people. Here are eight of the highest-paying jobs in the hospitality industry today.

Best Salaried Hospitality Jobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the average wages of all kinds of jobs, including those in the hospitality industry. Here are the top-wages you’ll find in the industry today:

1. Director of Housekeeping

These professionals handle teams of housekeepers to ensure the highest standards in the hospitality industry. It’s a tough job that requires strong troubleshooting skills, HR acumen and the ability to take care of customers. The director of housekeeping is paid well for this expertise, with an average salary of $72,622 annually.

2. Executive Chef

You’ll find these professionals in hotel kitchens, casinos, on cruise ships, in restaurants or anywhere else they serve food. The executive chef supervises cooking teams to ensure cleanliness and high-quality food is served. They also handle staffing and stocking supplies, as well as any administrative tasks related to serving food. For these skills, they are paid $64,122 per year.

3. Flight Attendant

See the world from a zillion feet in the air? That’s only part of the fun in serving guests as a flight attendant. Safety protocols are of paramount concern, of course, but the role is very service oriented. Flight attendants are paid nearly $50,000 annually on average and all the flying, of course, is free.

4. Hotel Managers

Hotel Managers are paid more than $100,000 per year, typically, and they earn every penny. Their tasks are myriad; from managing fine dining to hiring, paperwork of all types, and hiring and training. But the most important job, of course, is to serve customers.

5. Events and Meeting Managers

Conventions, board meetings, conferences? These are all in a day’s work for these professional events managers. These roles require great organizational skills and the ability to be fast on your feet. For these skills, these professionals are paid an average of $76,411 annually.

6. Restaurant General Manager

The GM handles all the elements of running a busy food service establishment. From staffing and training to handling customer complaints to meeting fire marshals or the health department, the GM does it all and does it well. They typically receive a salary of $50,820 a year.

7. Sommelier

Wine is important to a bar or restaurant, and high-end establishments have a sommelier that understands the nuances of flavor and bouquet. Sommeliers work hard to learn the best wines to complement foods and have a palate as discerning as the best chefs on the planet. Their average salary is $55,309.

8. Casino Host

Ensuring guests have a fun and positive casino experience is job #1 of a casino host. Their goal is to treat guests like family, ensuring that big spenders keep coming back to the casino. These professionals make an average of $53,717 each year.

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