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Three Essential Tips for Requesting a Raise or Promotion


When it comes to discussing a raise or promotion, even the most confident hospitality management professional can feel nervous. However, it is crucial to have this conversation in order to advance in one’s career. This article provides three essential tips to help you prepare for this discussion, ask for a meeting, and follow up effectively.


  1. Prepare Yourself

Before approaching your boss, it is important to thoroughly prepare for the conversation. Here are some key steps to follow:


  1. Assess Your Current Job Performance:

   – Reflect on your accomplishments in your current role.

   – Identify areas where you have exceeded expectations.

   – Think about specific instances where you received praise from customers.

   – Consider what you have learned and achieved in your position.


  1. Review the Desired Role:

   – If you are aiming for a promotion to a specific role, familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and requirements of that position.

   – Highlight how your current work experience aligns with the expectations of the desired role.


  1. Research Salary Averages:

   – Utilize resources like Glassdoor to determine the average salary for your position in your area.

   – Consider negotiating salary during a promotion discussion, keeping in mind the gender pay gap and the importance of advocating for fair compensation.


  1. Ask for the Meeting

To ensure a productive discussion with your manager, follow these steps when requesting a meeting:


  1. Send an Email:

   – Begin by sending a polite email to your manager, asking for a meeting to discuss your performance and future prospects within the company.

   – Be respectful, professional, and avoid demanding language.


  1. Follow Up

After the meeting, whether you receive a raise or not, follow these key steps:


  1. Express Gratitude:

   – If you are granted a raise or promotion, send a sincere email thanking your boss for the opportunity.

   – Show appreciation for their support and recognition of your hard work.


  1. Seek Feedback:

   – If you are not granted a promotion or raise, don’t be too hard on yourself.

   – Ask your boss for specific feedback on why you did not receive the desired outcome and how you can improve for future opportunities.

   – Request a follow-up meeting in 90 days or six months to revisit the discussion if promotions or raises are not currently feasible.


  1. Ask for Guidance:

   – If you lack certain qualifications for the desired role, ask your boss for a list of skills or experiences needed to advance in your career.

   – Proactively seek opportunities for growth and development.



Securing a raise or promotion requires preparation, perseverance, and continuous skill development. By following these three tips, you can confidently approach your boss and enter discussions about your career growth within the hospitality industry. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, Gecko Hospitality’s talent team is here to support and guide you along your journey.


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