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Gecko Hospitality Releases Annual Hospitality Management Salary Survey Report


Gecko Hospitality, the leading recruitment firm connecting top talent and companies in the hospitality and restaurant industries, has recently unveiled its fourth annual Hospitality Management Salary Survey Report. This comprehensive report provides valuable insights and data to help hiring managers plan for future growth. With over 1,800 participants from the United States and Canada, spanning various segments of the hospitality industry, this survey offers a wealth of information for industry professionals to benchmark salaries and understand key trends.

Key Findings:

  1. Gender Disparity: 

– Thirty-two percent of women received a salary increase, while only twenty-seven percent of men experienced the same.

– Starting salaries for women in executive chef, general manager, and assistant manager roles are lower than men in similar positions.

  1. Importance of Experience:

– For Director of Sales positions, hands-on industry experience is valued more by hiring managers than a college degree.

  1. Reasons for Leaving:

– The top reason for hospitality managers leaving their employers is a lack of room for growth, rather than salary concerns.

– Finding better career opportunities is also a significant driver for leaving.

  1. Job Turnover:

– Both women and men in the industry average two jobs in the past five years, highlighting the somewhat transient nature of hospitality management careers.


Gecko Hospitality’s annual Hospitality Management Salary Survey Report provides a valuable benchmark for understanding salary trends within the industry. With its comprehensive data and insights into areas such as gender disparity, job turnover, and reasons for leaving, this report is an indispensable resource for hiring managers and professionals looking to stay informed and plan for future growth.

About Gecko Hospitality:

Gecko Hospitality is a renowned recruitment firm with a national network of recruiters and franchise partners specializing in the hospitality and restaurant industries. Their seven-step interview and placement process ensures that clients only receive the best-suited candidates who align with their requirements and company culture. Gecko Hospitality is dedicated to connecting people and changing lives, one career at a time.® Visit geckohospitality.com to discover how Gecko revolutionizes the recruiting experience.


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