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7 Reasons Working in the Service Industry Will Prepare You for Long Term Success

Working in the hospitality industry is not only a solid career that can provide you with an attractive paycheck, it can also teach you many skills that you can apply in life. But for the non-career-tracked hospitality worker, having a job in this industry, even for a short time, can prepare you to succeed in other fields. Whether it’s learning to manage money or growing comfortable working on a team, working in the hospitality industry can set employees up for long-term success on any career path they choose. Here are seven examples.

You gain confidence in your communication skills.

The hospitality industry turns even the most tongue-tied wallflower into a communication expert. For example, working in a restaurant is all about communication, whether you are a line cook, hostess or server. You will learn to speak up, ask the right questions, listen, and concisely communicate information to customers or others on the team. Ask any bartender if communication is part of their job. What about in a hotel? Even the housekeeping staff needs to be able to answer the occasional customer question. The hospitality industry is all about the ability to confidently communicate, sometimes in stressful situations. This is a crucial job skill for any industry.

Patience really is a virtue, and you can learn it in the hospitality industry.

If you can learn to handle the most difficult of clients in hospitality, you’ll be able to handle almost anything life throws at you. Patience is equated to emotional intelligence, a soft skill that most employers look for in new hires.

Time management will serve you well at work, in college, an in your life.

It’s one of the skills you can learn in the hospitality industry. Working in this field can be stressful and chaotic, so if you can learn to handle it, you can apply your efficiency with other employers.

Hospitality teaches you to work hard, making the field perfect for younger people seeking to learn on the job.

For parents encouraging their kids to take a summer job, there is no better field than hospitality to teach work ethic and other similar marketable skills.

Teamwork is a top skill for employers; you can practice it every day in the hospitality field.

Collaboration is a crucial part of running a multifaceted business. Working in a hotel or restaurant or other service industry teaches the power of the team over the individual. Understanding the importance of teamwork is something every HR manager screens for – in every industry.

You’ll learn to take things less personally.

Hospitality workers develop a thicker skin, which makes them able to handle constructive criticism in other positions. Perseverance is about learning to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back in the game. Hospitality can teach you these life lessons.

Money management is a crucial skill in any job.

Learning how to handle tips is just one of the ways hospitality can help a younger person get transferrable skills.

Start your restaurant career today!

The team at Gecko Hospitality is standing by to discuss how you can pick up these and other skills in the hospitality industry. Contact our hospitality recruiters to get your job search started.

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