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4 Reasons to Build Trust With Your Hospitality Employees

Trust is relevant to all relationships, and that includes the one between an employer and their employee. Without it, there’s a lot of dysfunction. If a manager doesn’t trust their workers, they may micromanage and second-guess them. If an employee doesn’t trust their employer, chances are high they will leave or be so unmotivated the employer wishes they would.

A workplace without trust creates a toxic environment that ultimately affects everything from the employees to the products you sell. Here are some of the most important reasons to build trust with your workers.

Reason #1 – Reduces stress

When an employee doesn’t understand where the company is headed, or if there is a toxic work environment, they will feel anxiety over their position. This almost certainly guarantees you will fail to reap their full effort on the job. Studies back this up; companies where employees have low trust levels are the least productive. Companies with high trust are 2.5 times more likely to have high revenues.

Reason #2 – Creates clearer goals

If your employees lack clarity of goals, they will feel confused and uncertain, which can erode trust. Setting goals and expectations helps people pull together toward the common good, establishing trust between teams and even in the business model they’re working under.

Reason #3 – Builds teams

Building trust and respect between teams means that they will be more likely to improve their efficiency and productivity. Managers should be open and honest whenever they can in order to build trust with workers. These efforts should include open discussions of what workers would like to improve and how managers could reduce or remove the barriers that are making their workers less effective. Management should also have an open-door policy to help teams adjust on the fly to market shifts and changes to workflows.

Reason #4 – Improves morale and productivity

One article pointed out that the feel-good brain chemical oxytocin is released when trust is built. Building trust makes people feel better about their jobs and the work they accomplish. A culture of trust means they’ll work more effectively as a team instead of as individuals. It will help with delegation; employees will trust others to get the job done.

Businesses are built on trusted relationships between teams but also between clients and the business itself. Without trust, literally nothing in the business will work well. Employers should work to build a culture of trust by encouraging staff to own their responsibilities, complete tasks and make decisions. Employers should also create transparent with their staff, including sharing details of key decisions and the reasoning behind them. This is crucial for building trust within a corporate setting. For companies that have lost trust with their employees, they can reacquire it with transparency and accountability that stretches from the lowest worker to the top of the C-suite.

If you are an employer seeking trustworthy talent, contact our hospitality recruiters today.


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