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Looking to Move Up to a Management Position? Here’s How.

A recent report from the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) shows that the hospitality industry is doing a nice job of promoting from within. It states that industry employees “have been provided with significant opportunities for upward mobility and promotions, with no limitation on how far they can go.” This is good news for any employee in the industry looking to improve their job with a promotion and more responsibilities.

If you’re an employee in the hospitality field striving to move into management, we have some ways you can position yourself to stand a better chance of improving your job description.

Top Tips for Moving Up the Hospitality Careers Ladder

According to the AHLA report, more than half of today’s hotel managers started at the bottom of the ladder in an hourly entry-level position. From management to the c-suite, there are hundreds of examples of entry-level workers who worked their way up the chain. Whether you are a dishwasher, host, or wait staff, you can improve your status in life and land the promotion you’ve been working toward in the hospitality field. But how can you achieve this goal?


Part of the issue is longevity in the company you’re in. The AHLA report shows that to get to the top in the hospitality industry, you must put in the hours to learn the trade; most managers say they have been with the company for five years or more. If you work hard, have a good attendance record, and have a team player attitude, the chances are high that you will achieve your goals. Some specific suggestions for those seeking growth include:

  • Show a willingness to move around to the different roles within a hotel or restaurant. It’s the best way for you to learn operations and how everything works together. This knowledge will lay the groundwork for your promotion.
  • If your organization has an in-house management trainee program, sign up. It will career track you toward the job you want someday.
  • Expand your knowledge by earning some industry-specific certifications. For example, there is the Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) designation. These types of programs can be found here.
  • Talk to your manager about where you want to go in your career. He or she may have some excellent suggestions on ways you can improve your skills to stay on track with your goals.
  • Take the initiative and work hard to improve the organization. Exhibit a positive attitude with your teams and the clients you serve. Give your all to take care of your customers. Management will notice your suggestions and effort.

Ironically, if your parents told you to work hard and play fair, these are basic life skills that the hospitality industry looks for in their top candidates for management jobs. It’s one of the few fields where spending time working in lower-level positions teaches you the skills you need to become management material.

If you find yourself ready to take the plunge into a stable high-growth industry, contact Gecko Hospitality. We can help you find the perfect fit for your future career goals.


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