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Why You Should Care About Updated Technology in Your Hotel

Addressing the issue of technology upgrades in your hotel is a touchy and controversial topic.

Your customers expect the ease and convenience of modern technology in your hotel. But the capabilities of the software we use frequently evolve. This could lead to higher expectations from customers expecting the most modern IT capabilities. This should be an area of concern for hotel management teams because we all know the high level of competition in our industry.

On the other hand, if the current technology tools you use today are working fine and it’s expensive to invest in an IT overhaul, should you make a change? What are the pros and cons of updating hotel technology and why should you worry whether your facility is up to date?

 Technology as an Ally in Hospitality

The biggest con with most technology upgrades is the cost. Yet you want your hotel to have and offer the best services. It’s a point of competitive differentiation in the industry.

Today we know that the businesses with the best technology tend to beat out competitors. Technology can optimize your workflows and everyday procedures to make you more efficient and create a more pleasing customer experience.

To state your technology overhaul, consider the current systems you have. Ask yourself is the technology overly complex or have you outgrown it? Are there redundancies in your processes that could be eliminated with the right technology in place? It might be a good idea to consider a technology consulting firm for a soup to nuts review of what you’re doing now versus what could be improved.

Consider the technology from two differing perspectives:

  • From the perspective of an investor, the hotel must have solid reporting capabilities that clearly show them the ROI on the dollars they’ve put in. Would an easy to use web portal allow these important stakeholders 24/7 access to the latest data and news on your facilities? Could technology bridge any communication gaps that could smooth investor relations? Without technology to improve communication, your investors may be calling or emailing to receive details that should be easier to access.
  • Could better technology improve guest services? From improved Wi-Fi access around the property to installing phone charging stations, or even adding an Alexa smart device in rooms; all these tools facilitate a better customer experience. Your guests want amenities at the click of a button now because they are used to one-click ordering on Amazon and the convenience of home delivery. Adding technology to improve your service is a no brainer when customers are so acclimated to the immediacy of digital devices. What about an app that allows customers to order services or even allows them to text back and forth with the concierge without leaving the comfort of their room?

The simple truth behind technology is that it is going to inevitably increase in the hospitality field. Your customers and investors demand it. Now you just need to be certain the competition doesn’t get there first. Contact the leading recruiters at Gecko Hospitality for more information.


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