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How Do You Know if Your New Job is Right for You?

The biggest worry that we hear from most employees is that they won’t fit into their new job. During the interview, the candidate works hard to put their best foot forward, but when the offer comes, they may have some anxiety about how the job will really work. The time between the job offer and your first day can produce excitement and worry. Here are some of the best questions to ask yourself – and the interviewer – before you accept your next job offer.

Top Considerations Before Taking the Job

When you need a job, it can be hard to remember that you are also interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. We’re sure you know to ask the basic questions, like salary, and we hope you also review the benefits before accepting the position. But also make certain you ask good questions upfront, such as:

  • Who would you report to? Make certain you understand the kind of boss you’d like to work with. Will they micromanage you? What is their managerial style like? These questions might alleviate some of the worries about how your boss’s management style will fit with yours.
  • What is the company culture like? Give some thought as to the kind of work environments you thrive under. Is this the kind of place you would feel comfortable with? Is the work environment very formal or more laid back – and what would work best for you?
  • How stable is the company? You don’t want to take the job and get laid off a week later. How much has the company grown? While the job may be with a large company, is the facility you’ll work at in a declining area of town?

The interview process can also shed light on those “gut check” feelings that tell you if you’re landing in a good place. As you’re interviewing, watch for telltale signs that the culture is a good fit. For example, ask yourself:

  • Did the company communicate frequently and respectfully? Keeping candidates well informed during the interview process is an indicator of the overall approach to keeping their employees in the loop.
  • Was the company organized? Again, the recruiting process reflects on the company. Were the interviewers organized, or were they late to the interview? Did they take the time to really get to know you or just grill you with a series of questions? Was the interview process chaotic?
  • Did you get a chance to meet some of the team? One of the best ways to ensure a good fit is to allow candidates to meet some of the team. Otherwise, how can you know if you’re going to fit in with your future colleagues? While this isn’t always possible in hospitality, you should at least meet who you will report to.

Above all, trust your instincts to know that the job is a good fit. Making sure the job is going to advance your career is just important as fitting in culturally. Learning new skills and feeling comfortable in the team environment are two perks of the job when it’s the right fit.

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