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New Year, New Salary? 4 Ways to Earn a Raise

We get a lot of things from working. There’s the camaraderie of meeting new people and the benefits of learning new skills. But the truth is, we’re also in it for the money and the opportunity to increase our paychecks. But the hospitality industry is increasingly competitive, and budgets are tight. This makes earning a raise harder than ever. Fortunately, we have four tips, on how to earn a raise in the hospitality field. Read this article to set you up for better things in the New Year.

Do More Than Show Up

Showing up and doing the job is just getting by. If you have your eye on a wage increase, you need to do something that will differentiate yourself from everyone else on the team. Here are four ways to do it:

1. Anticipate what your boss needs.

This is just one way to set yourself apart from other workers. Offer to work extra shifts if there’s a staff shortage. Suggest ways to improve the business. Are there workflows you can change that would make everyone more efficient? Use your initiative to manage yourself and the job to really show your value.

2. Stay positive at work.

The hospitality industry has its share of gossiping and tale-telling, but you should avoid anything that appears negative on the job. Be friendly to everyone and don’t feel like you must participate in any sort of negativity. Concentrate on having a great relationship with your peers, your boss, and your customers, and watch what happens to your career.

3. Always take time to learn new things.

This will increase your value to your boss. If there is an opportunity to learn something new, take it. Does your employer offer an educational benefit? If so, talk with your boss about what skills could help the organization and your career. You can even use your own initiative and look online for classes that could help you move your career forward and take them to your boss. This will illustrate your eagerness to help the company and prove your worth.

4. Set career goals.

The hospitality industry can be a long-term lucrative career path if you choose to take advantage of it. Sit down with your boss and talk about your options for moving forward and map out your career path. This should include specific, measurable short- and long-term goals that you document. This includes sharing your goals of receiving a salary increase or a title promotion in the future.

Yearning for a promotion? These four steps are designed to make you a much more valuable employee that will also help you earn more.

But if you’re in a situation where you don’t believe these tasks will impact your career in a positive way, talk to the team at Gecko Hospitality and explore your career options. We have a variety of jobs available in the field for talented employees that have the desire to move forward. Contact our leading hospitality recruiters today.


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