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How Much Is an Online Review Really Worth?

We’re sure you’ve heard about the online review, where your customers have a chance to rate your business. From a recruiting perspective, an online review can also reflect an employee’s experience of working in your company. Just like a customer review of your products and services, the online review of your current or past employee can have a tremendous impact on your ability to attract new talent to the team. Here’s what you need to know about the online review and your business.

How Important are Online Reviews?

Your internal and external customers have a lot of tools at their fingertips to research your company. Internal customers, like job candidates, often look at sites like Glassdoor to understand the experience of working at your company. For external customers, looking at a Yelp! or Angie’s List review of your business is almost mandatory; 97% of your potential clients look at online reviews and give them as much consideration as a recommendation from someone they know. So, if you’re still wondering how important online reviews are, we can decisively answer, “Very.”

Types of Online Reviews

The stats tell the story of the success and importance of online reviews:

  • 72% say positive reviews make them trust your business more
  • 92% will use a business if it has a 4-star or higher rating
  • Customers will spend 32% more if a business has excellent reviews

It’s clear, whether you are a candidate looking for a job or a customer looking to buy, the online review of business matters. Companies should monitor online review sites regularly to ensure a positive image for their business. But what sites are important these days?

  • Google Reviews is a key platform because the Google search engine is the most widely used in the world. So, when a customer searches for a business, they use Google, and the reviews are right there on the search engine. All the consumer must do is click on the review to read them.
  • Yelp Reviews has more than 127 million reviews at any given time. Consumers can upload pictures of their experience as well as write a review on your business.
  • Facebook also has a reviews section, and 74% of consumers say they use the platform to find out more information on the businesses they frequent—or stay away from.

There are also several online review sites for job seekers that could benefit or harm your company. For example:

  • Glassdoor is the leader in online employer/company reviews. There are compensation details, interview tips, and workplace insights.
  • Indeed is a runner-up to Glassdoor, and has some of the same features, plus a job portal.
  • CareerBliss is one of the new versions of the online job portal and review site and is very similar to Glassdoor.

Companies should regularly monitor these sites for reviews from customers and employees. Positive online reviews are crucial to your public persona, your sales, and even your ability to attract top talent.

If you’re having trouble attracting top talent, simply give us a call. Our team of expert hospitality recruiters can help.





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