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3 WOW Factors to Prepare for Your Next Hospitality Video Interview

Video interviews are increasingly common in the recruiting world. The latest data shows that 63% of hiring managers have used video interviewing to find candidates. But interviewing online is different from an in-person interview. If you’re in the hospitality field, what interview techniques will help you stand out from the crowd?

Top Three Tips for Your Next Video Interview

The first thing to understand is that your video interview will flow differently from an in-person interview. To make sure you come across well, it’s a good idea to practice in front of a camera. Pay attention to your body language; just like in an in-person interview, you should stand or sit up straight, don’t slouch, and look directly at the interviewer through the camera lens. This is tricky because you’ll want to look at the video image of the interviewer instead of into the camera lens. In a video interview making eye contact requires you to look into the camera lens. If you can, keep your hands on the table in front of you or in your lap to avoid distractions such as gesturing.

While these are the basics of video interviewing, what techniques will really help impress the hospitality company or recruiting team?

  1. Prepare just like you would for any interview. Research the company, the industry, what services they offer, and their overall approach to the business. You can also research the person you’re interviewing with. Try going on LinkedIn and connecting with them before the event. As you do this research, jot down notes and questions to ask the interviewer. You can ask about the company and the specific job, what challenges you’ll face, and why the position is open. Never conduct any interview, whether by phone, in-person, or via video chat, without having done your homework.
  2. Punctuality is crucial in the hospitality industry so make sure you are prepared to interview well before the scheduled time. Check your equipment and connection in advance. You should always try to log in early to avoid any nasty equipment surprises. Make sure you are using the right browser to support the video call. Being early allows you to also double-check the environment behind you; remember, the interviewer will see whatever is behind you in the camera lens.
  3. Technology is important to the video interviewer. Make sure your computer’s web camera is working along with the microphone. Your audio settings should be clear and loud with no static. The camera settings should remain not too light or dark, so try sitting or standing in front of a solid-colored wall in a room with plenty of light. You don’t want the interviewer to be distracted by the background. Finally, make sure your Internet connection is super fast and functioning well.

As you conduct the interview, make sure you’re speaking slowly and clearly for the interviewer to understand you. Listen carefully, and if you are having trouble hearing, it’s okay to let the interviewer now that. If you accidentally cut off the interviewer due to a time lag in the audio sync, simply let them know there is a lag and you didn’t mean to interrupt them.

Talk to Gecko Hospitality to get set up for your next interview. We have jobs and are standing by to help advance your career.



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