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Can I Really Find Hospitality Candidates on Glassdoor?

Did you know Glassdoor has 64 million unique users every month? From the sheer size alone, it’s likely that you’ll run into hospitality candidates. It’s one of the easiest to use and well-known of all the job sites, offering jobs, job tips, reviews of employers, and much more. It’s a great resource for recruiters and hiring teams in their search for top hospitality talent. Here’s what you need to know about Glassdoor and how it can help you find top hospitality talent.

Is Glassdoor Better Than LinkedIn?

LinkedIn and Indeed seem to have a large chunk of the hospitality market sewn up. In fact, Glassdoor is a pack leader. Fully 40% of US Glassdoor users don’t even have a LinkedIn profile, and 83% of Glassdoor users are looking for a new job. These facts mark Glassdoor as a primo spot for finding talent for hospitality companies. But what are the best tips for finding talent on this site? How can you leverage Glassdoor tools to reach more candidates?

How to Use Glassdoor to Find Hospitality Industry Talent

Glassdoor has a variety of jobs and company promotional products. You can sponsor your jobs, add a video to your company page, or work to improve your employer reviews and all these techniques will help you recruit a better crop of hospitality candidates.

The first way to use Glassdoor is as a launchpad to get the word out about your jobs. Write a compelling and enticing ad and then sponsor it to help boost visibility. This process uses an algorithm to promote the ad directly to candidates that have the credentials and experience to fit the job. Glassdoor says ad sponsorship boosts candidate submissions, giving you up to nine times more candidates than non-sponsored ads. Your ad may even appear on your competitor’s pages as a sponsored job!

There is also Glassdoor’s Company Spotlight that allows for a native ad with a branded cover photo, logo, and rotating headlines. This can greatly increase the reach of your company profile to hospitality job candidates. You can even create a brand story under the Spotlight feature, which could create more appeal for top candidates.

Another way you could attract hospitality candidates to your organization on Glassdoor is to create a home profile page spotlight. This can maximize exposure to reach hospitality talent. It’s a great place to promote your company culture, add reviews from current employees, and use branded photos to create visual interest on the page. Don’t forget about using video, an increasingly important medium for attracting top candidates.

Finally, successfully managing your search for top talent on Glassdoor requires constant management of your employer ratings from job seekers and current and former employees. This requires monitoring of the ratings and responding to both negative and positive reviews to manage public perception of your hospitality business. It’s labor-intensive but highly worth the effort you put in.

All these tools can help you find more hospitality candidates, but the free employer account offered by the site can even benchmark the performance of your job description ads to help you improve them.

If you’re trying to recruit more hospitality talent, reach out to the experts at Gecko Hospitality. We’ve been providing clients with top hospitality talent for years, and our extensive networks will help benefit your team.


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