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So, a Recruiter Messaged You on LinkedIn. Now What?

If a recruiter reaches out to you on a social media platform like LinkedIn, it can feel a little awkward if you’re not used to responding. But you should respond, even if you’re not looking for a job. There are good ways and bad ways to respond of course, but no matter the status of your job search, you never know when you might need a recruiter in your corner. This article will help you understand how to respond when a recruiter reaches out on LinkedIn.

How to Respond to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

First, congratulations — you are getting noticed! That’s the whole point of social media. Even if you’re not looking for a job, chatting for a moment with the recruiter certainly can’t harm you. Recruiters work in confidence and it’s standard for them to proactively reach out to candidates even if they seem happy in their current position. You don’t need to feel pressured to share any details about your current position. However, you can find out more about the position they are recruiting for. Here are two ways to respond depending upon your current situation:

  • If you aren’t interested in the role, thank the recruiter for getting in touch. You can still hear more about the job, but if you’re not interested, ask the recruiter to check back with you in a month or two to see if things have changed.
  • If you’re casually looking for a new position, but this one isn’t the right fit, tell the recruiter you’re open to intriguing opportunities but that the role just isn’t a good fit. Let them know the kinds of positions you are interested in and even send them a resume so you can get into their database for future opportunities.
  • If you’re interested respond to the recruiter as quickly as possible. Ask the recruiter to send you a copy of the job description and suggest a phone call to talk about the position. Just like any interview, research the recruiter, the company, and the position to prepare for that call.

What if you’d like the recruiter to put you forward for the job? This requires the recruiter to “pitch” your candidacy to the employer. Make sure you don’t back out after the employer is interested; it could make the recruiter look bad. Chances are that the recruiter will ask for a copy of your CV. You should try to tailor your resume to fit the job. You may want to meet the recruiter in person to get a better sense of them and find out more information about their work with this employer.

If you don’t feel like the role is a good fit, make sure you continue to work the connection with that recruiter. Connect with them on LinkedIn and send them a copy of your most current resume. Recruiters have two clients; the employer is looking for talent and the candidate. Since employers pay the recruiting fees, the recruiter can be your best free resource to top jobs in the industry. Our recommendation is to make as many connections as possible with recruiting teams in your industry. These connections can help you land your dream job someday.

Having a recruiter reach out is a good sign. It means your credentials are enticing enough to get you noticed. Gecko Hospitality wants to get you noticed by top employers. Talk with us today and start a relationship that could yield a better career for your future.


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