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Getting Back to Work: Streamline a Fast Onboarding Process

As we look ahead at the coming months and adjust to a ‘new normal’ in our business from the effects of COVID-19, it’s important to make sure there is a structured onboarding process for new employees who will be joining the organization.

Onboarding is the process of acquiring and assimilating employees into your organization. Having a structured onboarding system is essential to getting your new management up to speed ASAP.

The first few days and weeks in an unfamiliar position are stressful for anyone, and it doesn’t take much to overwhelm or discourage a new manager. In fact, 25 percent of employees leave within the first 90 days. Taking control of the onboarding process ensures your new hires are comfortable and confident in their new positions—and makes it more likely they’ll stick around long term.

Fast track your onboarding process with these three tips:

TIP ONE: Start the Onboarding Process Before the First Day

Waiting until your new manager is in the office, if not working remote, before starting your onboarding process is a huge mistake. Onboarding should begin immediately after the employment offer is accepted.

  • Email employment paperwork, along with a detailed job description, contact information for department heads, a schedule for the first day or two and other important information.
  • Create a benefits package and include insurance and other forms to fill out. Also include a copy of your company handbook listing policies, the number of sick days, etc.
  • If working on property, determine where your new employee will sit, and make sure all necessary furniture and equipment (computer, pens, paper) are ready to go on the first day. Also, set up an email account and phone for the employee and prepare a list of necessary logins and passwords.
  • Connect your new addition with their team on Slack or whatever communication platform your organization uses to familiarize them with other employees and ongoing projects.

TIP TWO: Make Sure the First Day (and Week) Go Smoothly

An employee will never forget a terrible first day. You should already have a workspace set up and ready to go, so focus on making your new hire comfortable on day one.

  • Show your new manager around. Tour the property and highlight the most important stops. While you walk, introduce other managers and key personnel. Keep it quick and casual.
  • Arrange a relaxed meeting with team members. If time allows, get the whole team together for lunch or a virtual happy hour.
  • Keep an hour or two open so your new hire can chat with their supervisor, get details about the role, and find out what projects are upcoming.
  • Provide a list of tasks for the first day and a second list for later in the week. The first list should include things like setting up email and exploring the various programs the company uses. Include any mandatory reading or training, as well as any scheduled meetings, on the second list.

TIP THREE: Stay Involved to Fast Track Your Onboarding Process

There’s no right or wrong answer to how long it should take to onboard new management. Every position and employee are different. But a structured onboarding process combined with regular check-ins will speed up the process.

  • Provide a 90-day checklist and follow up every couple of weeks to make sure things are on schedule. Hold them accountable.
  • Don’t forget about reviews. If you’ve planned a 30- and 90-day review, don’t ignore those or rush through them.
  • Ask for feedback regularly. Is your new addition’s workload too heavy or too light? Are they missing key resources? Can they offer ideas on making a process more efficient?
  • Check in with other departments. It’s very important your new hire is a good cultural fit for your company, and managers in other departments can provide input into how things are going.

Want a Faster and Better Onboarding Process?

Even the most efficient onboarding systems have issues and need frequent updating. If you want to fast track your onboarding process to get your new management up to speed ASAP, we can help! Gecko Hospitality specializes in the hospitality industry, so we understand the unique needs of your organization. Contact us today for more information.


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