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Job Seeker MUST KNOW Advice and Tips with Jeremy Nichols

Are you struggling with how to STAND OUT as a candidate in the current “new normal” that the hospitality industry is facing? Jeremy Nichols shares his MUST KNOW advice and tips for job seekers in this situation.

Florida’s Top Hospitality Recruiter, Jeremy Nichols, takes time on a daily basis to help people in his network who are struggling in this current state the hospitality industry is in. Gecko Hospitality is proud to have franchise partners like Jeremy represent the company, which contributes to it’s awards such as being named FORBES 2018 and 2019 America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firm. 

Hospitality Recruitment 2020 with Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy was recently interviewed on the Hotel Cast Podcast where he shared his best tips (from 18 years of experience in recruitment) on how to stand out during a time like this. You can listen to the podcast here:


AskSuite & Jeremy cover many topics, including:

    • The big one! How can a candidate stand out in the recruitment process?
    • First Impressions: Do they still count in recruitment?
    • Do’s and Dont’s of LinkedIn
    • Best soft skills to have as a hotel professional
    • What are Jeremy’s clients looking for?
    • Technology and Recruitment: the importance of a hospitality candidate to be open to the use of technology on a daily basis?
    • Showing empathy towards candidates: As an Employer, how to navigate this?

Be sure to listen until the end for Jeremy’s “twilight zone advice”!

You can read AskSuite’s full article here.

Attracting Employers and Recruiters with Jeremy Nichols

In order to approach this new normal in the Private Club side of things, Jeremy chats with Gabriel Aluisy of The Private Club Radio Show. Jeremy shares his job seeker must know advice and tips on how to make yourself look the best for a potential employer or recruiter, improve your online presence on social networks such as LinkedIn and more.

Takeaways from Jeremy’s conversation with Gabriel Aluisy:

  • Use this downtime to improve what you have control over (LinkedIn presence, your resume, etc.)
  • Focus on building relationships
  • Do the same things you would do while networking at events – just online
  • Research companies you’d like to work for and engage with their content


Jeremy Nichols can be found on LinkedIn where he is constantly sharing positive messages on how we can all be resilient during this time. Jeremy also recently started a YouTube channel where he plans on sharing more in-depth content such as what he is sharing on LinkedIn.

If you or anyone you know in the hospitality industry needs to hear this, please share it! It’s free!

Podcasts mentioned:


For even more job-related tips, talk to a Gecko Hospitality recruiter today to get set up for your next interview. We have jobs and are standing by to help advance your career.


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